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What are Bruises?

Bruises, also known as contusions, occur on a particular part of the body, when it has been struck and the connective tissue, as well as the muscle fibers that are present underneath the skin in that part, are crushed, even though the skin does not break. One of the main causes of bruising in people is that the blood leaks out from the ruptured capillaries, which are, the small blood vessels and gather under the skin. Because this blood has no other place to go to, it gets trapped right there, forming a reddish or a purple colored mark, which is tender to the touch. This mark is known as a bruise.

Several people believe that the causes of bruising in elderly people are the same as the causes of bruising easily in children; however, that is not necessarily true. Although children are quite prone to bruises, because they are generally very active and may end up bumping and banging into things quite often, studies indicate that the chances of incurring a bruise increase as a person grows older. In fact, several older people may see nasty bruises on their body, but could have no recollection of how they incurred it. Since most of them go away, without requiring any real form of bruising treatment. However, in case the elderly notice this very often, it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible. At times, the causes of bruising for no reason could actually be serious underlying problems. Hence, it is essential for people to find out what the possible causes of recurrent causes of bruising on the breasts, legs, under the eye, arms, thighs and hips could be.


Most people try to get rid of bruises fast, because they can look quite unsightly and due to the fact that they could cause a lot of pain and discomfort. The method of getting rid of bruises depends on the severity of the bruise, as well as the location that it appears on. In case the skin it not broken, getting rid of bruises quickly does not require the site to be bandaged. However, the treatment for bruises and swelling can easily be enhanced with the help of a few simple techniques. Given below are a few techniques of getting rid of bruises on the body:

  • Keep the injured area elevated
  • Apply some ice or a cold pack, a couple of times each day, for about a day or two after the injury occurs.
  • The bruised should be rested as much as possible
  • Simple over the counter pain relievers are very effective in alleviating the swelling and pain
It is advisable to consult a doctor for getting rid of bruises on face. It is also important to seek medical attention, in case:
  • The bruises are unusually large and the pain caused by them is unbearable.
  • The person has the propensity to bruise easily and for no apparent cause, which may, or may not be accompanied by nose bleeds, bleeding in the stool or the urine and blood in the eyes
  • Without any prior history of bruises, the person tends to experience excessive bruises.

These signs and symptoms tend to indicate a serious health problem, like clotting of the blood or other blood related diseases. In case any bruises are accompanied by a persistent pain, or a headache, then it may be best to undergo a proper checkup, as these are symptoms of a serious underlying health condition, which requires immediate medical attention.

In case the bruises do not seem to get better after a few days, in spite of using simple treatment methods, it is best to seek medical advice.

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