Home Remedies for Chesty Cough in 5 Years Old

A cough is the reaction of the body to some problem that is affecting the throat. The throat is a crucial part of the body where the wind pipe and the food pipe intersect. Both these pipes are attached to the oral-nasal cavity. An individual may suffer from some infection or medical condition that causes the throat to be sore. The individual may also have a problem associated with the lungs and the lower air pipe that may result in the development of a cough. A cough is the response of the body to the irritation felt by it. The cough associated with a sore throat may serve no purpose. A cough that is caused by the blockage of the throat may help to eliminate the blockage. The same applies to a condition where the cough is associated with some problem in the lower wind pipe and in the lungs.

A chesty cough is one where the lungs are involved. This type of chesty cough is much deeper and may occur more frequently. An individual suffering from a chesty cough may feel that there is a mucus build up in the chest. Often, people who experience a chesty cough will feel like they wish to spit out some phlegm.

Before seeking chesty cough remedies, an individual should understand what the problem actually is. A chesty cough may be caused by some temporary cold and cough. This is not such a serious problem and should clear itself over a period of time with the use of basic medications and general health care. An individual who suffers from a chronic chesty cough may need to see a doctor as there is probably some underlying problem that has generated this symptom. Patients who suffer from chronic asthma may experience a chesty cough before, during or after an attack. Many people with a bad cough may experience coughing at night which disturbs their sleep routine.

When seeking chesty cough remedies, the nature of the cough should first be understood. If the cough is associated with asthma or some other medical condition then this should be tackled as it will cure the cough as well. If the individual has a cough and cold simultaneously then he or she should seek medications such as paracetamol. There are also some good home remedies for a cough which can be applied.

One of the many home remedies for a cough is the use of warm salt water gargling. The water should be hot but not very hot as it could cause burning to the individual. Salt should be added and the individual can gargle one glass of water twice daily. This may be followed by retching and should therefore be done on an empty stomach only. Another home remedy for coughing is the use of warm drinks. An herbal tea may help the condition as it contains plenty of good herbs that can help to heal the body. One may also consume honey with hot water to help a sore throat. Some people suggest that a pepper based drink should be consumed as this will provide healing to the sore throat. This type of home remedy for coughing may cause burning in the throat.

Any cough that lasts for more than four or five days should be reported to a doctor. The symptom of a cough is applicable to conditions that may be caused by allergies, asthma or a cold. It is therefore best to understand what is causing the problem so that it can be dealt with effectively. A bad cough can make it impossible for an individual to work as there will be constant attacks of coughing.

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