I'm 41 yr old female. Please suggest a treatment for acidity with long headaches, and vomiting?

The process of digestion is an important function of the human body. During digestion, food is broken down using acids and enzymes. This broken down food is then passed to the intestines where absorption of nutrients takes place. Food break down actually begins in the mouth itself through the process of chewing. The breakdown of food is an essential function of the digestive system. It is easy for the absorption of food to take place from food that is broken down. If the process of digestion does not take place properly, the individual will suffer from Indigestion. The lining of the stomach is extremely strong as it needs to be exposed to acid for long periods of time. The lining of the stomach may be damaged by infections, diseases or by excess acidity due to some problem with the food that is consumed or with the individual's eating habits.

There are many different problems that could cause acid reflux and vomiting. Acid reflux is a condition where the individual feels a burning sensation in the chest because stomach acids have been sent up the esophagus. This happens when the acid builds up in the stomach. If there is some damage to the lining of the stomach, then it will be weak and may not be able to handle the acids present in the system. This can also cause regurgitation to take place. In most cases, acid reflux is partial, that is, only up to the esophagus. However, some individuals may experience vomiting when the acid reflux is intense. This causes burning in the throat and the mouth. Acid reflux and vomiting is a sign of a medical condition that may even be serious. All patients who experience excessive stomach acid and vomiting should visit their doctor if the symptoms persist for more than a couple of days. This is because acid reflux and vomiting could be related to many different medical conditions. Even when an individual has an upset stomach, acid reflux should not occur. Instead, the individual will experience stomach pains and diarrhea. Vomiting is a less common symptom, but not one that is completely unexpected in such a situation. It is common for individuals to experience acid reflux and headaches simultaneously.

This is because the entire digestion system is under stress. This stress can cause acid reflux and headaches to occur at the same time. Stress is, in fact, one of the causes of acid reflux. Individuals who experience stress regularly may experience acid reflux as well. Stress is known to have a physiological effect on the body of an individual. This is known to raise the fears of problems like acidity, high blood pressure and headaches. Stress is known to have long term effects on the health of an individual. It is important for a person to seek medical attention when the individual is experiencing acid reflux and vomiting. This is because prolonged exposure to these symptoms can cause permanent damage to the health of an individual. This is, naturally, not a desirable situation. Individuals experiencing acid reflux and headache are likely to be sufferers of stress. Other individuals may be suffering from digestive disorders, infections or other medical conditions that affect the process of digestion. This is the reason why medical attention is so important in such as situation. Failure to diagnose the problem may be dangerous in the long term. An individual who has suffered from acid reflux and vomiting should make some changes in his or her lifestyle. Dietary modification is important as a healthy diet will help in the healing process. Reduction in stress is also preferable in such a situation. Practicing yoga as well as exercising are other natural remedies for headaches. If the home remedies for headaches and acid reflux do not work make sure that you go to the doctor at the earliest.

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