Niacin thc detox

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a chemical present in marijuana. This is an illegal recreational drug and THC is a psychoactive chemical. The drug tests that are administered to check for the presence of any illegal drugs in our body usually tests for these psychoactive chemicals. If you have been consuming marijuana, the psychoactive chemical called THC may remain in your body for about 60 days.

There are ways to expel the THC from your body faster in order to pass the drug tests that are administered. However, to do this, you have to undergo different kinds of detoxifying procedures. The Niacin THC detox is one of the most popularly known detoxifying procedures. However, there are many people who would advise you against using niacin for such a detox. While niacin is an important nutrient, ingesting large quantities of it can be harmful for the body. Niacin side effects can be fatal, if you take it in large quantities.

Apart from the niacin THC test, there are other tests that can also work well. It would take a lot of determination as well as dedication to get your body clear of any traces of the recreational drugs that you may have been using. If you want to clear your system of the psychoactive chemicals, however, you would need to have a detox in place.

Naturally, niacin can help reduce cholesterol in your body. Most of the over the counter medications for lowering cholesterol usually contain high doses of niacin. A niacin flush can completely rid your body of any traces of THC. However, niacin also dilates the capillaries and increases the blood flow through the body.

Since most of the toxins have to pass through the capillaries, and not the arteries, which are naturally larger than the capillaries, enlargement of the capillaries can really help in getting rid of THC. With the help of niacin THC detox, the flows of blood through the capillaries increases, and this may have adverse effects on the body. Apart from the increased capacity of capillaries, the blood is also moved around at a faster rate, thus causing additional stress on the heart.

During the niacin THC detox, there may be reddening of the skin in areas where the blood is gushing. The flush itself can be very annoying and a little uncomfortable. You may have some itch in different parts of the body as well. If these symptoms become severe or uncomfortable, it is important to get medical attention.

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