After I took stomach cleaning tablet, a day after I noticed blood while passing stools but without burning. Is it symptoms of piles? As I have a constipation problem.

Piles are a very common face by many people today. The symptoms of piles does include slight bleeding while passing stools, pain in the rectum area, itching , discomfort, and pain in the rectal region. Piles could be a result of constipation. The cause of piles is mainly due to improper diet, lack of exercise, stress, and wrong bowel habits; while pregnancy and child birth can cause piles too. In case of constipation the symptoms are foul breath, coated tongue, headache, loss of appetite, dark circles under the eyes, dizziness and depression. Besides this other symptoms include, pimples on face, nausea, constant fullness in the abdomen, ulcer in the mouth, insomnia, varicose veins, acidity, pain in the lumbar region and heart burn. A colon cleanse for constipation would therefore be required to relieve you of the symptoms.

Colon cleanse for constipation is a process that would help to clean your large and small intestines. However one may also have to use a chronic constipation remedy so as to get relief from the condition. The first step in treating constipation is to pay special attention to your diet as there are certain foods for constipation relief that would help remedy the situation. Avoid meats and spicy foods as this could only worsen the situation. Include green leafy vegetables in your diet as this does help in bowel movements. The process of digestion also plays an important role so chew your food well during meals. Avoid hurried meals. Switching to a fruit diet for some days would also be beneficial to relieve you from chronic constipation. Generally all fruits are good but if you are constipated avoid bananas and jackfruit.

Fruits like guava, pears, oranges, papaya, figs are well known for treating constipation. An ancient method of colon cleanse for constipation is to drink a glass of hot water first thing in the morning. This helps the movement of your bowels and also flushes out all the toxins from your body. Regular bowel movements would help avoid an occasion of constipation and therefore prevent the problem. Colon cleansing treatments are not the same everywhere and it is recommended that you consult a doctor. Avoid foods such as rice, white flour, pulses, bread, pastries, cakes, cheese, biscuits, preserves, fleshy foods, hard-boiled eggs, and white sugar as these foods constipate you. Exercises and Toning up the muscles also helps in your bowel movements. Remember to keep your body hydrated for smoother bowel movements. Colon cleansing for constipation related problems is important to avoid further mishaps.

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