what ways can i use to help stop bleeding?

If you experience a cut or wound, I would advice you to try some of the most effective home remedies and still if bleeding does not stop, consult your doctor. The best home remedies for stopping bleeding are as follows:

  • If the bleeding is not severe, wash the wound with an antiseptic soap and lukewarm water.
  • The best antidote for bleeding is turmeric.
  • Rub an ice pack over the wound to slow down the blood flow.
  • Cayenne extract or powder can be sprinkled on the wound to stop bleeding.
  • Topical application of sugar on the wound or cut can also slow down bleeding.
  • Herbs like comfrey, slippery elm, white oak, chaparral, nettle and plaintain when applied topically over the wound can help in reducing the flow of blood.
  • White vinegar is also beneficial to stop bleeding.
  • Press a cotton cloth or bandage firmly around the wound to stop bleeding.
  • Garlic applied on the cut can also be effective.
  • Wash and apply ground ginger and after applying bandage the wound.
  • You can also try applying a mixture of apple cider vinegar and cold water on the cut to stop bleeding.
  • Yarrow is another effective herb that helps in blood clotting during wounds and cuts.

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