How Do I Make My Eye Stop Burning After Getting Pepper Juice In It?

Pepper juice in the eye can be quite irritating. This is because of the main ingredient in chili pepper called capsaicin. Curiously, the way to mend you eyes from a case of getting pepper juice and pepper spray in your eyes is the same but the remedy can actually be as irritating as having pepper spray back in your eyes. Pepper’s active ingredient capsaicin that is used in pepper spray is suspended in an oil-based suspension. This makes it especially problematic to get rid of and in case it spills over to the surrounding skin, then this can irritate the skin as well and this may be more problematic to take care of. Most of the methods of removing capsaicin from the eyes require inducing lacrimation or inducing tears.

The first step that you need to take is to wash your eyes by dropping water into it and removing any excess pepper that is left in your eye. Lift your eye lids and ensure that the water covers all the crevices. After this, take some soapy water and then wash your eyes with the soapy water. Since the capsaicin suspension is held in an oil base, soap is the best way to get rid of oils. Wash your eyes again in water to ensure that all the soap is gone. After this, you need to start some lacrimation to ensure that your tears clean the eye out and restore the correct fluids to your eye. This can be done by simply placing your eye focused downwards when you are cutting an onion. Onions have an irritating chemical called allacin that is released as a gas and as anyone who has been around a cut onion knows, shedding tears is almost inevitable. This should wash out any final traces of capsaicin in the eyes. When all of this has been done, your eye would still be red and inflamed and for this, you need to get some ice in a towel and apply it to your eye with your eye closed. Cold compresses are generally the emergency treatment of choice whenever you have a swelling or pain due to inflammation, which is also the very same reason that your eye reddens.

The final piece of this puzzle comes together with the use of milk. This will act as a soothing agent to eye. This might not be necessary after using a cold compress but should be used just in case the eye still irritates.

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Remedy to Stop the Burning of the Eye

You will be in a lot of pain during this time and are likely unable to see much as your other eye will be tearing too, but it is important that you carry out this procedure as soon as you realize you have pepper juice in your eye. What you need to do is take a tot glass and put milk in it, just about half of what the glass can contain. Go to the bathroom basin and put your head down as though you are looking into the basin. Open your eye and put the tot glass over your eye, try your hardest to keep your eye open as it is very difficult to do so in a situation like this. Flush the eye with milk a few times and quickly flutter your eyelids until it starts feeling better.

The reason you should use milk instead of water is because most pepper juices contain oil. The milk will flush the oil out while water will simply just rinse off and produce no positive results. Repeat the process until you can see properly and feel your eye isn’t burning as much as it was before. If the problem persists for a long period of time you should contact your health care provider, but the milk should do the trick!

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