Why do my feet burn at the heels?

The nerves are responsible for transmitting sensory information from the various parts of the body to the brain. The brain processes these signals that come from various parts of the body. This leads to the actual sensation being felt. A person with burning heels of feet is one who is probably suffering from some sort of damage to his or her nervous system. This is unless there is some sort of substance that has come into contact with the heels of the feet that could cause this sensation.

It is important to understand the sensation being felt and to also note if there is any prior sensation that has been felt. What this means is that if an individual's heels first begin tingling, followed by the burning sensation, it is likely that he or she is suffering from nerve related damage. This damage may be temporary as a result of some injury or permanent because of some form of disease that damages the nerves permanently. Peripheral neuropathy is one such condition where the sensations from various parts of the body get jumbled up because of nerve damage. When a person experiences this sensation, it is important to visit a doctor immediately to get to the bottom of the problem.

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Causes of burning and numbness in heel?

There are many causes for burning feet and one of them could be a possible sensitivity to the leather dye or the fabric that the shoe is made from. Besides this one of the other causes of burning feet may even be sensitivity to the detergent that is used to wash ones socks. Burning and numbness in ones feet is also caused from the lack of blood supply to the particular area or even nerve damage in some cases.

In some cases burning and numbness in feet may also be on account of an infection or even external trauma. Numbness in the heel for a prolonged period of time may also be caused by diabetes. In the event that burning and numbness in feet is often experienced along with paralysis, slurred speech, confusion or low of bowel control then one should immediately contact their doctor. Since lack of supply of blood is the primary cause of numbness in heel, one may experience burning and numbness in feet even after wearing shoes that are overly tight. One of the natural treatments for numbness in heel and to improve the overall blood circulation is to take up swimming which is highly aerobic and also works various muscles in the body.

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I often feel a burning sensation in my feet. any home remedies or treatment?

We tend to take surprisingly little care of our feet, given the fact that we tend to use them for large portions of the day. It is primarily because of this excessive use that we sometimes tend to feel a burning feet sensation that could be so intense as to almost stop a person from moving around freely. Plantar fasciitis heal pain originates from the plantar fasciitis - which is a thick, elastic band of tissue that connects the heal to the toes. Excessive usage without any relaxation will cause this band of tissue to become inflamed - causing the burning feet sensation. Some other factors that are also known to cause the condition include obesity, sudden weight gain, repetitive load being place on the feet such as cases of long distance running as well as suffering from foot problems such as flat feet and high arches.

The application of a cool compress over the affected area is known to be the best method of plantar fasciitis heel pain and stretching exercises on the calf muscles are known to not only help relieve pain, but also speed up the recovery process. If it has been brought on by excessive running, make it a point to at least either reduce or completely stop your running distance for as long as the problem takes to heal.

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How to get rid of plantar fasciitis and cure cracked heels?

The skin on the heels tends to be harder as it is designed to take the weight of the body. Cracked heel skin is a common problem faced by people across the world. It is often found more in women than in men. There are numerous different possible causes for cracked heel skin. These causes include issues relating to the diet and health of the individual. Repeated pressure and exposure to hard surfaces may damage the skin sufficiently to cause this problem. One may also face issues with the skin because of extreme low humidity weather conditions. Dry skin issues may occur elsewhere on the body as well.

When it comes to a cracked heel cure, there are natural methods that can be adopted. There are various creams based on natural products that can be used to moisturize the skin and reduce the effects of cracking. One may also go for creams made of synthetic products as there are many proven options available in the market. It may also be beneficial to use soft padded footwear even when at home. This will help to cushion the pressure felt by the skin in the area to ensure that it is allowed to heal.

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  • Burning in the feet may be caused by poor circulation to the feet. This is common in people who have diabetes or peripheral arterial disease. Poor circulation may lead to nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy).
  • Burning, pins-and-needles–type pain is common in people who use alcohol regularly because alcohol directly damages the nerves.

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