If I put eardrops in my daughters ear, will it hurt her if i put hydrogen peroxide?

Firstly, it is important to understand that ear wax is not all that bad; actually it is probably better to have more of it, than have none of it. Wax in the ear is there for a purpose. It helps keep the ear healthy and protects it by trapping dirt, dust or other foreign elements which may enter your ear. It also keeps the skin of the ear canal moisturized, thereby preventing dryness and itchiness. Ear wax also contains components which fight infection.   

Usually, it's ok to just leave the ear alone and not try meddling with it. In case you see wax in the ear, you can just clean the outside ear with a wash cloth. Don’t attempt to clean it by poking in cotton swabs, or your fingers or anything else, as this could lead to ear injury or it could just push the wax further inside and cause an infection.

If you suspect there is a problem with the child’s ear, for example, if the child has ear pain or difficulty hearing or feels as though the ear is blocked, it is best to see a doctor. It is not OK to assume that it is the excess ear wax which causes these problems. Sometimes when toddlers and infants keep pulling at the ears, it could signify an ear problem.

The doctor may remove the wax only if it is blocking the ear canal and causing discomfort or pain. Wax removal at the doctor’s clinic may cause a little discomfort to the child but it is not painful and it is a lot safer. Nevertheless, if you feel you must, then below are some recommendations:

  • Ear drops may help remove wax. However, use one after first consulting a physician.
  • Try dropping some mineral oil or baby oil in the ear.
  • Use of hydrogen peroxide in ears may help remove excessive wax.
You don’t need to try out everything at once. Only ear drops may work, and if they don’t, trying out the other remedies may not hurt. Also, most ear drops already have about 3% hydrogen peroxide. But then, it’s best to consult a doctor.

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answered by K C

Do not use Hydrogen peroxide in your daughter's ears. It is too harsh for the ear drum. It may work temporarily but it can cause permanent damage to the eardrum. Hydrogen Peroxide can cause irreparable damage so please do not use it.

answered by P P

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