How should I use colloidal silver drops in the ear? I mean how many drops and how many times a day. Is there anything that works better?

Silver is typically a metal used in jewellery and utensils. Along with the conventional metal uses, silver can also be used in alternate medical therapies. In alternative medicine this form of silver is known as colloidal silver.

Silver is believed to kill infectious bacteria in most environments. The disinfectant properties of silver make it popular in applications like urinary catheter and breathing tubes. It is also used in ointments used to dress wounds. Historically silver has always been used in ointments for wounds, much before modern medicine made an appearance.

Ingestion of colloidal silver is used to treat a variety of conditions. Though medically not proven as a valid treatment, this treatment has generally found a lot of acceptance. Colloidal silver is basically liquid suspension of really small or microscopic silver particles.

Colloidal silver is usually found in homeopathic remedies or dietary supplements. In the last 20 years, colloidal silver has also seen resurgence as a remedy for typically incurable ailments like diabetes, cancer and even HIV/AIDS.

Before you start ingesting silver through supplements or drops, remember that there is no colloidal silver dosage. The body has no requirement for silver and therefore there cannot be a deficiency of silver. There is no adequate or accepted dosage for silver.

Some of the perceived benefits of colloidal silver include health benefits that have no backing from medical or scientific bodies.

  • Topical application helps cure drug resistant MRSA (Methicilin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus)
  • It is also used in creams for anti burn treatments and anti bacterial infections
  • Colloidal silver in dietary supplements is believed to prevent recurrent yeast infections.
  • It’s also beneficial is dealing with infections from fungi, bacteria, parasites and certain viruses.
  • Colitis, diverculitis, even the common cold can benefit from a basic dose of colloidal silver of 10ppmsolution
  • Though not fully vetted, patients with AIDS claim longevity after switching to treatments of colloidal silver.
As colloidal silver is not really a dietary requirement, there have been instances where a person taking colloidal silver supplements has developed a condition called argyria. This is a condition where the person develops a blue hue due to accumulation of silver or silver sulphide particles under the skin. These particles darken due to exposure to the sun, darkening the hue. This reaction could be topical if the person has been applying a cream only on some part of the body or can appear all over the body, if the person has been ingesting the colloidal silver.



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Silver suspension in water is referred to as colloidal silver. It is used in some places as an eye drop for conjunctivitis and sty and topically used as an antiseptic. It enhances the body's immunity. It proves beneficial against pharyngitis, by gargling in water. It is effective against acne and other bruises. Guidance  of a physician is recommended, before consumption.

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