Burn Scar Removal

Sir I am Having Burn Marks at the lower portions of neck.It is 20 yrs. old.But still i am having marks and some contractures. Few portions are thick Band like.I need to know about its appropriate treatment. Kindly Guide me and answer as soon as possible.

Burns usually cause marks that can remain for very long periods of time if not treated immediately. As such it is important to note that when a burn occurs, the affected area must be immediately treated with a paste of turmeric and cool water. This works well by soothing the skin as well as preventing further infection. Turmeric is an effective natural antiseptic agent and will help to prevent scars from forming. An application of cold milk can also be done by using a cotton ball. Other ways to prevent burn marks from appearing is to massage the affected skin with oil of vitamin E. You can also apply the gel extracted from fresh aloe vera leaves as the burn starts to heal. Vitamin E oil and aloe vera gel are very beneficial in the healing process and allow the skin cells to rapidly regenerate, thereby giving uniformity to the texture of the skin. They also help in treating scars that have already developed, such as in your case.

There are several other natural remedies as well which will help you in your attempts to get rid of burn marks. Massaging the affected area with almond oil twice a day helps to lighten scars. Another good remedy for burn marks is to grind soaked fenugreek seeds into a paste and apply it to the marks. This can be left on the skin until it dries completely, before rinsing with lukewarm water. You may crush margosa leaves in order to extract the juice and then apply to the scars. Once the juice dries on the skin, wash it off with water. Lemon is an effective bleaching agent and can be applied to the burn marks for lightening them. Due to its acidic nature, the scars tend to disappear after a period of time, provided regular application is done. Tomato is another good natural remedy for skin lightening and the juice of tomato can be applied to the scars until they fade away.

Burn marks can also be treated with a paste of fuller’s earth and water. You may mix sandalwood powder and rose water to form a thick paste and apply to the marks. Wash it off once it dries, and continue applying daily until you obtain results. honey is a great natural remedy for skin blemishes and can also be applied to burn marks. Rubbing the affected areas with coconut or olive oil will also help to lighten the scars in course of time.

answered by G M

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