I have a increase in uric acid so there is regular pain in my whole body especially in legs and shoulders. what should I do. I am taking English medicine for this. Please tell me my dietary routine also.

High Uric acid levels in the blood result in the formation of uric acid crystals. These crystals then accumulate in the connective tissues of the lower limbs as well as around the joints of the limbs. This problem generally results in severe pain in the joints of the legs. In many cases, inflammation and a reddening of the affected area is observed. The pain can be extremely excruciating and if the problem is not resolved, it can leave a person debilitated and unable to perform even simple everyday activities. An increased amount of uric acid will invariably eventually lead to kidney diseases and gout.

High uric acid level is also known as hyperuricemia. It is important to understand this condition and its causes in order to gain lasting relief from the pain. Uric acid is a chemical that is produced as a waste product when your body breaks down purines. Purine is a substance that is found in certain foods. Therefore, it would be advisable to eliminate these foods from your daily diet in order to keep your uric acid level under control. The foods that are high in purines include dried beans and peas as well as mackerel, anchovies, and liver. Alcohol beverages too contain purines and so they should be avoided as far as possible. Wine and beer have a very high purine content and so you will need to avoid them completely. You can ask your doctor for a complete list of foods along with their purine content so that you can plan your diet accordingly. You should also drink plenty of water and fruit juices throughout your day as this will help to flush out your system and will allow the excess uric acid to be expelled from your body. Uric acid is expelled from the body via the kidneys and so kidney problems often cause this problem. It is therefore important to get a through check-up to determine whether this problem is a condition in itself or if it is merely a symptom of a far more serious health condition. You should also go for regular tests so that you can keep a record of your uric acid level over a period of time. This will help to determine whether a certain course of treatment is indeed producing positive results.

You should also include grapes and strawberries in your diet as these fruits help to neutralize uric acid. Alfalfa too is very effective in treating High uric acid level and so you can have a cup of this juice on a daily basis.

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