Home remedies for gastric ulcer problem

Problems of the stomach need to be taken care of as they may not show any signs unless the problem has worsened. Gastric ulcer is an open sore or wound in the stomach that occurs in the inner lining of the stomach or the duodenum. If the ulcer is in the stomach it is known as a gastric ulcer and if it is in the duodenum then, it is referred to as the duodenal ulcer and both these are known as peptic ulcers. A person suffering from a gastric ulcer experiences a tremendous amount of pain in the upper part of the stomach that is usually felt after eating a meal. Hyperacidity, stomach acid, stress or certain bacteria are the primary causes of developing a gastric ulcer.

To treat gastric ulcers it is suggested that you eat bananas, honey, carrot juice, and raw cabbage. Food that is high in fiber content like lentils, barley, oat and fruits that are a rich source of vitamin A like watermelon, peaches and tomatoes are also very beneficial. Eating bananas is a good option as it helps to lower down the hydrochloric acid present in the stomach and thus provides relief from the symptoms of a gastric ulcer. Cabbage juice also helps in treatment of gastric ulcer. You could boil about 250 grams of raw cabbage that are cut into pieces with 500 ml of water until the quantity is down to half. Strain the juice and have it two times a day for better results. Tea made out of fenugreek seeds is another great remedy to treat gastric ulcers as the seeds are highly mucilaginous when softened by water. Once they pass through the stomach, they provide a coating to the stomach and in turn help in recovering from the ulcers.

There are certain foods that have to be avoided because they cause an excess production of the acids in the stomach that worsen the ulcer. Fried food, spicy food or food that contains a lot of saturated fat should be stopped completely as it requires more stomach acid so that these foods can be broken down and digested. Rather than eating 3 big meals, it is advised that you have 4 to 5 small meals and make sure that you eat slowly and chew your food well as it will ensure proper digestion. If you are taking any iron supplements, stop their consumption for a while after consulting your doctor as iron aggravates gastric ulcer.

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