Suggest some good remedy for red itchy eyes

Itchy eyes are a common problem and are likely to affect every individual at some point of time. The severity of the condition will depend on a number of conditions such as the root factor as well as the intensity of irritation. The triggering factor could easily be an allergic reaction to some substance that you have come in contact with and then used the same hand to touch your eyes. With the overly polluted atmosphere we have today, it is not uncommon for a foreign particle to somehow manage to get into your eye - causing an immense amount of irritation. The pains you take after that to get rid of this particle will only serve to increase the redness in your eye as well as potentially damage the delicate tissues of your eye if you are not careful enough. Some commonly used eye accessories and aids such as medical eye drops and contact lenses could also cause irritation and redness in the eye. The key to identifying the root cause is to recall your actions prior to the onset of the irritation. The presence of other symptoms could also help identify any other medical conditions affecting you.

For example, the eye condition Blepharitis is rather common and is characterized by the inflammation of the eyelids and eyelashes in addition to the redness in the eyes. Moreover, the condition produces flaky looking debris towards the base of the eyelashes. This condition can affect children as well as adults but does not generally cause any permanent damage on your eyesight. You could also possibly suffer from dry eye syndrome where your eyes do not receive enough lubrication in the form of tears. In this case, they tend to itch almost uncontrollably and may require you to constantly douse them with water to calm the irritation. The root cause of this condition lies in the fact that the tear glands do not create enough tears to cleanse your eyes of dust and other natural elements that it is constantly exposed to.

Because of the fact that there are so many possible causes of the condition and the treatments are subjective it is best that you visit your local eye doctor for an eye checkup. The key is to keep your eyes well lubricated and free from any foreign particles.

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