Home remedy for Gilberts syndrome

Gilbert's syndrome, more commonly also called Gilbert's disease, is one wherein jaundice is caused and the manner by which bilirubin is processed is also disturbed. This is a genetically linked disorder which is multifactorial as well as hereditary. It is known by various other names, such as Unconjugated benign bilirubinemia. While this particular syndrome is benign, it has been known mostly because of its ability to cause jaundice. It is worth noting that initially this is not the case, since when it starts, the person does not have to deal with jaundice. However, the condition of jaundice occurs on account of additional factors such as a case of infection or stress. It may surprise you to know that Gilbert's syndrome often does not have any kind of signs or symptoms. In most cases, the commonplace symptom of exhaustion as well as jaundice could be the only indication of the same. It would be advisable to consult a doctor for this syndrome even in case of persistent abdominal pain. Usually the diagnosis is made for this particular syndrome if the doctor suspects it, on the basis of a blood test.

When it comes to treating Gilbert's syndrome, often home treatment is the only option since other treatment is typically unnecessary. For this reason and since it is benign, it is only viewed as a mild disorder which affects the person's liver. What you would need to do to get through the jaundice and fatigue would be to eat a sensible diet. A healthy diet is a must and one would have to keep the symptoms at bay with the help of good food habits. Lack of food can often trigger the jaundice, so it is extremely important to watch out for this trigger, if one is attempting to diet. It would be better for this syndrome if one would switch to healthier choices instead of skipping meals or not eating enough. Stress is also an important trigger as is exertion. For this reason, it would be wise to manage the syndrome by keeping such stress factors to a minimum. Knowing your limits is also important with respect to physical activity and one has to attempt to keep infections away. Another important step would be to drink plenty of fluids since the symptoms could show if one gets dehydrated. It is only if the problem gets worse, such as an inability to keep food down, that further intervention is necessary.

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