My 9 month old baby has a stuffy nose and sneezing and she is also teething. It was started when she was 8 until now it never cure. Could you suggest some treatments?

Your daughter is at an age when her immunity system is still developing. Babies around this age are vulnerable to coughs and colds and so you will have to take extra precautions to ensure that they are resolved quickly and that she is not exposed to people who have any respiratory problems. Since this problem has lasted for about a month, it would be wise to take her to the doctor who will be able to diagnose and treat the root cause o the problem.

In the meantime, you can try to ease her discomfort and keep the symptoms to a minimum. However, do not try to give her any over the counter medications or medicines meant for adults as this could do more damage than good. Bacteria and viruses that cause a cold can be found in the mucus and so allowing the mucus to be expelled from the body actually reduces the amount of harmful bacteria or viruses within her system. One of the main symptoms of respiratory infection is a discoloration of the phlegm. If it is clear, there is a lower chance of infection but if it is white or yellowish in color, there is a much higher chance that she has a respiratory infection. There are a few simple methods that you can employ to increase the flow of mucus.

Steam is very effective in treating a blocked nose as it will help to thin out the mucus and allow it to flow freely. This method is particularly useful if your daughter is suffering from any kind of respiratory infection. Since she is still very small, the easiest way to get her to inhale steam is to leave the hot water running in your bathroom and allow it to fill in a bucket or tub. Place a low stool or a comfy chair in the bathroom and sit in here with your daughter on your lap. Do this for at least 20 minutes. As your daughter inhales the steam, any hardened mucus will loosen up and start to trickle out of her nose. Keep a wipe handy and keep cleaning her nose every few minutes as this will ensure that the flow is unobstructed. You can add 3 cups of sea salt to the water in the tub and mix it up thoroughly. The steam filling up in the room will now contain a little salt. In fact you will notice that as the steam condenses on your lips, you can taste the salt in it. Salt has very mild antiseptic properties and will help to control any infection.

In addition to this, you can place a humidifier in your daughter’s room as this will help to prevent respiratory problems. You should also make sure that her room is cleaned on a regular basis to keep it free of dust and germs.

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