Steam has burned my fingers, cold water and ice just isn't stopping the burning pain. Please help

Burns and scalds can be extremely painful and will put you through excruciating pain. Most often, a scald or a burn is the result of carelessness, and people need to be more careful when they are handling items of high temperatures. A steam burn can cause a great amount of discomfort because it will, like most other scalds, manifest in the form of a blister that bursts and begins to weep fluids that cause further discomfort. There are various home remedies for burns on fingers, the most common being that you should let cold water run over the portion of your fingers that have been burnt, for a considerable amount of time. Do not remove your fingers from under the cold running water until you feel that there is no burning sensation any longer.

Steam burns on fingers take longer to heal because the fingers are used frequently, giving little or no time for healing. A paste of baking soda and aloe vera is another very well recommended home remedy for curing burns that have been caused by steam. Steam burns will heal with time, depending on their severity. However, if you feel that you still get no relief from any of the home remedies recommended it is advisable that you seek medical assistance.

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How to treat a steam burn using natural ingredients?

Steam burns occur when the skin comes into contact with boiled water that has turned into steam. These kinds of burns are different from direct contact burns as they affect the skin in a different manner. Steam burns are most common in domestic situations where cooking is involved. For this reason it is good to have some natural ingredient based home remedy treatment for steam burns. Naturally, the treatment for steam burns should be performed by a doctor if the burn is serious. However, for mild or moderate burns, particularly those that occur on a small patch of skin, the use of home remedies for treating steam burns could be very effective.

Garlic oil and vitamin E oil are commonly used and directly applied on the burned skin. This should be used as long as there is no visible blood in the area. Both these oils are used to promote healthy skin in any case. Strangely enough, one can use toothpaste on an affected area of skin. This remedy helps to cool the skin and must be applied only when there is no exposed skin. Plantain leaves can be used to be wrapped around the affected area of the skin. This is done after crushing the leaves using a pounding device.

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What are the first aid measures for a steam burn?

Very often we could be affected by burns and therefore we need to be very careful in order to prevent burns from occurring. Burns can be very painful and would need immediate attention. Burns can be classified into certain 'degrees' depending on the extent to which skin tissue damage has occurred. Steam burns, specifically, are very similar to any other kind of burns caused by the sun, flame or even extreme heat. Steam burns first aid will primarily revolve around properly assessing the extent of damage that is caused. The various categories include - superficial burns, which may be nothing more than an inflammation on the upper layers of the skin; a partial thickness burn or even a deep burn that has penetrated the skin and caused some amount of nerve damage.

In the event that the burn turns out to be anything more than a superficial burn, it is important that you seek steam burns first aid from a doctor as soon as possible. For superficial burns, some kind of anti bacterial or antifungal lotion being applied over the area will help prevent the already tender skin from being penetrated by any disease carrying germs. Moreover, the best way to prevent burns is to be careful when anywhere near a fire, hot object or even simply out in the sun.

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How to stop steam burns from hurting?

Most burns are results of accidents in the kitchen. One can never be too careful when handling items that have high temperatures, and caution is necessary when doing so. A large number of home remedies have been recommended in order to provide relief from steam burns that have been suffered by a person. Burn pain relief can be obtained by immediately placing the affected area under cold running water until the burning sensation is not felt any longer. After this has been done, it is advisable to use a moisturizer combined with aloe vera gel, known for its healing properties. A moisturizer will moisturize the skin and allow it to stretch, in case there is any blistering that will occur. Steam burn relief must be obtained as soon as possible, to relieve the person of the discomfort that is being experienced. In case there is any clothing that is covering the area of the burn, do not try to remove the clothing. Instead, rush the victim to an emergency room as professional help would be the major requirement. Keep the affected area as cool as possible to provide some kind of relief to the person who has suffered the burn.

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  • Apply honey on the fingers after you have cleaned the wound and made it cold.
  • Apply tooth paste (no gel) on the affected area and leave it for few hours or overnight. This is a very effective remedy to stop the burning pain and heal the wound without scaring.
  • Aloe vera gel along with vitamin E gel when applied on the burnt region will also help to heal the burnt skin.

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