I have a slight irritation after passing stools. I suspect piles, but cannot judge it. I do not want to go for a surgery, please give me some remedy.

Author would describe pile types, since you are not sure whether you have piles. Vata driven piles cause pains while those having excess Kapha cause itching. Pitta drivenpiles do not cause much pain, but inflamation and bleeding show theirpresence. Whatever be the dosha, the main reason for Piles is theweakening of elasticity of colon caused by atherosclerosis(contraction of) of arteries carrying blood to rectum.

Life Style

No home remedy be tried without improving life style first. Todays life style and food invites and encourages Piles. They arecaused by sedantary life style, horse riding, riding motor-byke fora long time. Low digestive fire coupled with excess food indulgence,constipation, can cause piles. Frequent use of harsh laxativesweakens large intestine and give rise to piles. Hereditary piles, ifpresent, makes cure very difficult. Many childbirths by vaginaldelivery can also cause piles. During pregnancy, constipation is mostlikely as blood flow is diverted to foetus and foetus in-turn needspelvic space, pressing on colon all the time. Thus pressure onrectum, gives rise to piles. Mothers have to sacrifice a lot tochildren right from womb-stage itself.


Reduce as much as possible cerals (legumes), heavy to digest dairyitems, fruits with milk, jaggery with milk, onion and milk, seasameseeds with jaggery, sweets, soft floor items and bakery items,potato, oils, chillies, spices, red mutton, white mutton.

Rice, wheat Chapati, Green gram soup, all leafy vegetables, butter,butter-milk, aamalki juice can be taken.A root vegetable called Suran in Hindi and Swarna-gadde in Kanada isespecially noted to be good for piles. Cook in pressure cooker, mash,add a little Saindhav salt and eat. If continued for 15 days,significant benefits will be seen. One can take fresh buttermilk(avoid sour buttermilk) along with this mash, it will help further.Soups made from floors of Java and Kalthi (Indian grains) are alsonoted to reduce Piles suffering.

For relief from pain, one can sit in hot water or apply fomentationto piles. Be careful if you have the habit of removing pitta byintentional vomits during morning. Avoid sunbath. Sex is noted toincrease the pain.

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