Can soya milk be taken if one is suffering from stomach ulcer? What other things should be avoided in stomach ulcer?

Yes, soy milk is often used as an antacid for healing stomach ulcers. So it is safe to consume recommended amounts of soy milk in your diet.

Besides remember these tips for ulcer -

  1. Avoid caffeinated beverages, coffee and tea, strong spices, oily foods, processed food, canned food, soy sauce and chilies.
  2. Vitamin A from fruits and dark green leafy vegetables, zinc from whole grains and sea foods, vitamin E from wheat germ and sunflower seed oil are considered valuable in treating stomach ulcers.
  3. Have small frequent meals at regular intervals, avoid starving or overeating.
  4. Alcohol consumption and smoking should be totally avoided.Know the exact cause of your ulcer with the help of a specialist and try to treat the cause completely for complete treatment of ulcer.

answered by S P

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