Is there a home remedy to remove fluid from the ears?

Fluid in the ears can cause a certain amount of irritability, apart from leading to a number of ear, nose and throat infections. There are many causes for the presence of fluid in the ears, the most common of them being a slight tear in the ear drum. When the ear drum is torn, the body tries to heal itself and in the process, produces a certain amount of oils in the ear, which lead to the collection of the fluid in the ear canal. Home remedies for ear fluid include cleaning of the ear by an experienced medical practitioner. Using a cotton bud may cause further damage to an already damaged sense organ.

Symptoms of fluid in the ear manifest in a tickling sensation in the ear that could cause much discomfort. A persistent ear ache is another common symptom of damage of the inner ear, leading to the occurrence of fluid in the ear canal. Besides this, there is also the experience of lowered level of hearing, wherein one is unable to distinguish the pitch of high level sounds. It is important that you keep your ears free from infection so that ear problems do not worry you.

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How to treat fluid in the ear?

Fluid in the ears is a surprisingly common occurrence, especially in children. One of the biggest problems in dealing with the condition is the fact that most children will show no symptoms when it comes to dealing with fluid in the ears. This would also entail that parents will have to look for signs such as the child turning up the volume on the TV to a level considerably more than he or she normally used to. However, in most cases fluid in the ears treatment starts when a diagnosis of the problem has been made during a regular medical checkup.

Natural treatments for fluid in the ears will depend heavily on whether the fluid in the ear also involves some kind of infection or not. In most cases, the fluid in ears treatment will require a small medical procedure where a tube will be used to drain the Eustachian tube. Any natural remedies for fluid in the ears has more to do with prevention of the condition in the first place. Some of the most important and effective methods of prevention of fluid in the ears is to avoid second hand smoke as well as elevating your upper body in order to allow the auditory tube to drain better.

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What causes fluid in the ear?

Fluid in the ear can be due to various reasons, the most common of these being an infection that is experienced in the ear canal or the nasal passages. Since the ears, nose and throat are all connected by a series of canals, an infection in any of these areas directly affects the functioning of the other organs. In order to know how to get rid of fluid in the ear the first step is to point out the different causes of fluid in the ear. The common cold is a one of the very common causes of fluid in the ear. The nasal passages being infected, there are certain secretions of the body that get deposited in the ear canal.

Besides this, tonsillitis is an infection of the tonsils in the throat, which could also be a probable cause for fluid in the ears. The most probable of causes of fluid in the ears, however, is a middle or inner ear infection. In order to get rid of fluid from the ear, it is advisable that you visit an ENT specialist, who will remove the fluid with precision and expertise, and therefore avoid any further problems from affecting the ear.

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How to drain ear fluid?

The ear canal connects the outer ear structure to the membrane which is responsible for the perception of sound. This canal is open only from one side and therefore there is a high chance of fluid build - up in the area. This is common after swimming or after bathing. It is necessary to drain ear fluid because the sensation is uncomfortable. Over time, the presence of fluid in the ear could cause irritation if some infection develops. This is another major reason to drain ear fluid that could result from certain everyday activities.

For the purpose of removing fluid from the ear, one can hold the head with the affected ear pointing down. It may be necessary to move from a straight up position to this position repeatedly to dislodge the fluid in the ear. This requires some patience. However, once the first drop comes out of the ear, the rest will follow immediately. In some cases, this may not work which is why a cotton-tipped ear bud may be inserted into the ear. This should be done very slowly. The bud will soak up some of the fluid and also agitate the balance of the fluid, which will probably lead to it leaking out of the ear. This must be done extremely carefully so as to not push any fluid further inside the ear or build up any pressure.

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Fluid in the ears in children is a fairly common problem, though it can happen to anybody. The correct name for this is otitis media with effusion (OME), or simply ear infection, otitis media, or fluid in the ears. What this means is that there is a fluid present in the ear, but there is no infection. This is most common in children under the age of two, but it can show up at any time. Most of the times, it shows up after an earlier ear infection has cleared up. Seeking home remedies for fluid in ears is a common thing as this is known to cause lot of concern in individuals, especially children.

Symptoms. Most of the times, children will not show any symptoms. Fluid in the ear canal is not painful and does not cause usual symptoms, like a fever. After any other ear infection, though, it is wise to look out or secondary symptoms. Older kids, and even adults, sometimes, complain of fullness of the ear and of a popping sensation. Sometimes, young children may find it hard to hear the things you say, or may need to watch television with the volume unusually high. Sometimes, yellow fluid from the ear can be seen. Most often, though, this problem is only detected during a check-up with a doctor.

Treatment. Normally, there is no need for treating otitis media ear infections. Fluid in the middle ear treatment is easy, and the problem takes its own course, and the fluid normally drains by itself in a few weeks' time. Sometimes, though, this does not happen, and your doctor will need to carry out treatment. In case the fluid is present for more than six weeks, a hearing test may be carried out. Antibiotics may also be administered, and your child may be put under observation.

If the fluid persists for 12 weeks, then it is a good idea to carry out a hearing test. If the fluid has caused significant hearing loss, then your doctor may consider antibiotics or even place tubes in the ear. If the fluid continues for a period more than four to six months, then it may be necessary to insert tubes even if there is no hearing loss.

How to remove fluid from the ear? There are some home remedies for removing fluid from the ear. To drain fluid from the middle ear, one thing you can do is hang your head of the side of a bed or stand upside down. This change in direction may dislodge whatever is causing a blockage in the ear. You can put the tip of your index finger in the top back corner of your ear, and keep it there. This may dislodge the fluid, and it may come flowing out. A few drops of isopropyl alcohol can dry up any remaining fluid. Sinus medication too has been shown to help. Keep in mind that these are just home remedies, and if they do not work, go see a doctor immediately. Whatever you do, do not use a Q-tip, as this can injure your ear and further push back the fluid.

Home remedies for fluid in ear. There are some home remedies that can help ease your problem.

  • Put a few drops of garlic juice into the ear. This can be unpleasant, but garlic has healing properties that can clear up your child's ear.
  • Use a blow drier to dry up the fluid. Make sure to keep the tip of the dryer at least 10 to 15 inches from the ear, and then turn up the heat. Do not do this for more than a few minutes at a stretch as this could damage your kid's ear.
  • A few drops of olive oil in the ear can help ease the problem.
  • Putting a few drops of the extract of lobelia in the ear has been shown to help. After putting, rub the ear gently to spread it. This should clear up the problem.
  • Colloidal silver has been shown to protect against bacterial infections. A few drops in the ear should also protect the ear.
  • Squeeze a mango leaf to obtain its juice. Heat, and then cool this juice. Use a dropper to put a few drops in the ear.
  • A 1:1 mixture of rubbing alcohol and vinegar has been shown to help clear ear fluid. Put about 2 to 3 drops a week, as this will kill bacteria that cause fluid.
  • Hydrogen peroxide will help clear up ear fluid.
  • Essential tea tree oil will also help. Mix this with carrier oil like coconut or olive oil, and add a couple of drops into the ear. Tea tree oil has been shown to fight infections and bacteria.
  • As mentioned above, tilting the head can also help, as this may dislodge the ear fluid. Your child can lie on a bed, with his or her head tilted. This does not always help, though, as many times the fluid is caused because of another infection. Also, keep in mind that this does not stop the fluid from forming.
  • At night, before going to bed, put a few drops of almond oil into the ear. Do this every night, until the fluid dries up completely. Almond oil will protect the ear and help the fluid to dry up.
  • In case of an earache, make a small compress of warm salt and keep it in the ear. The warm salt will lessen the pain, after which you can use one of the other home remedies to stop the fluid.
  • A vitamin C supplement will boost immunity, which will help the body to fight the infection causing the fluid. Similarly, make sure you or your kids get a good wholesome diet and lots of exercise, as this will make you stronger and better able to fight the infection.
  • If you smoke, you will need to cut down or stop smoking. Smoke can block the ear canal, which can cause fluid buildup. Keep your children away from smoke and smoky areas as well.

Remember, if none of these help, you should consult a doctor, who will be able to diagnose and treat the problem properly.

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Are you referring to ear wax or a ear infection ? If you have fluid coming out from your ear, it sounds more like a ear infection. If it is swimmers ear, a few drops of mineral oil put in your ear are very effective.

We have many natural home cures using colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide which you can try out. Nutrients like zinc and vitamin C are helpful to treat and reduce ear infections.

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