my son who is 6 months old is suffering from very mild fever and cold. He is sneezing, coughing little? pls suggest me some home remedy. he is totally on formula feed and has started eating veg and fruits?

I would suggest you to dress your son in light clothing, a light blanket and keep the room temperature cool (as per comfort) and immediately consult a pediatrician (child specialist). There is nothing to be alarmed about. Many infants and children develop high fevers, even with minor viral illnesses but they need to be treated adequately and quickly.

You can continue with your formula feeds esp. if your son is tolerating it well. His appetite is likely to be low due to cold and fever. That is nothing to worry about. Once his health is restored, his appetite will return. Avoid giving any raw form of fruit or vegetable. Any vegetable or fruit that you give to your child should be cooked well. For e.g. Give stewed apple which is cooked rather than giving raw mashed apple. Raw foods can be a source of infection and are best avoided. Also, do not introduce any new fruits or vegetables at this time. Continue giving him the foods he has been consuming while he was well. Avoid using ice water or rubbing alcohol to reduce his temperature.

answered by P P

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