Remedies for burning peeling lips

Lips are a part of the body's largest organ called skin. However, while the skin on the other areas of the body is up to 16 layers thick, the skin on the lips is only three to five layers deep. This makes the lips more susceptible to cuts and bruises, due to burns caused by drinking hot beverages, eating spicy food and due to harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the skin cells that contain the sebaceous glands, that are responsible for producing sebum, are not present in the lips. Sebum is a natural oil that is produced by the body and helps to keep it well moisturized. This prevents your skin from drying making it look healthy and fresh. The absence of sebum production makes the lips dry faster, causing it to crack and peel.

An allergy can also cause the skin on your lips to burn and peel off. In such a situation it is best advised that you visit your family doctor or dermatologist who could suggest the most appropriate treatment for the same. In the meantime you could use these simple home remedies and suggestions to prevent your lips from burning and peeling, due to a lack of moisture content caused by cold or dry climates.

  • Always treat your lips with utmost care. The lips as explained above do not have sebaceous glands, and therefore cannot produce sebum to moisturizer itself. You should always apply a moisturizer on your lips when you go out in the sun. This protects the lips from drying, due to the harmful rays of the sun.
  • In case of an allergy due to cosmetics like lip balms, lip glosses and lip colors, it is advised that you stop using these products until the symptoms subside. Additionally it is recommended that you should use products of superior quality Your lips are fundamental to your beauty; therefore invest in a good brand to ensure that your lips remain healthy and beautiful.
  • Honey is known to be one of the handiest home remedies. Honey has anti-bacterial properties that will help prevent bacteria from attacking the lips and will also keep it moisturized.
  • Avoid smoking, as smoking dries the lips and robs it of its natural moisture. It is due to this reason that chain smokers develop black pitted lips.
  • Drink plenty of water. This will keep your body hydrated, in turn providing your lips with natural moisture.

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