Sore Gums Treatment: There's Nothing Wrong With My Teeth, But My Gums Are Sore. What Can I Do To Ease The Pain?

Gum pain and soreness could be indicative of a number of problems not necessarily related directly to the teeth. Gum soreness or inflammation could be caused as a result of an allergic reaction to a particular food or even to a particular ingredient in some food. Infection of the gums could also cause symptoms like these. You did mention that there is nothing wrong with your teeth, but it is important to note that damage to your teeth is not always clearly visible. Although your teeth may not be giving you any trouble as of now this could be seen as a warning sign, because most cases of gum soreness and swelling are a result of poor or inadequate oral and dental hygiene.

Although there are various ailments that could be the cause of gum swelling you can begin by trying out some home remedies. In most cases the cause is simply lack of oral hygiene and natural remedies can effectively solve the problem.

  • Clove oil is widely regarded as the cure for most dental problems and this would be no exception. It is quite effective as an application for the gums. You could even chew on a clove for relief.
  • Another remedy can be prepared by making a ginger paste with some salt added in. After mixing the paste thoroughly gently rub it in to your gums. Do this at least 2 or 3 times in a day.
  • Salt water gargling, with warm water, is widely recommended as a remedy for gum and tooth problems. It can help resolve this condition. You can also add the juice of one fresh lime to the glass of salt water. This will serve two purposes as it will not only reduce swelling, but also any foul odor that generally tends to emanate when there is any swelling of the gums.
  • You can also use castor seed oil and camphor to make an effective remedy for sore gums. Make a paste by mixing some castor seed oil, with camphor and apply it on to your gums each morning and evening.

As mentioned earlier gum soreness and swelling may at times be indicative of an ailment like gingivitis, periodontitis, or a gum infection. If the home remedies listed here do not bring you relief and resolve your condition make it a point to visit a dentist for the appropriate treatment.

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