Home remedies for dandruff in hair. Please suggest

Factors that may augment a dandruff condition

  • Infrequent shampooing of hair, inadequate rinsing and excessive use of a hot hair dryer (which also causes contact dermatitis), aggravates dandruff. You could prevent dandruff by shampooing regularly with a mild shampoo. Massage your scalp gently to loosen flakes and rinse the hair and scalp thoroughly.
  • Excessive use of hairsprays and gels and improper use of hair coloring products can cause dandruff. Tight fitting hats and scarves should be avoided.
  • A combination of cold weather, low humidity and dry indoor heat could explain persistent dandruff.
  • Poor diet, food allergies, hormonal imbalances, and infections can all lead to dandruff.

Dr. Coleen Murphy, ND

answered by Dr C M N

The word "dandruff" reminds everyone of itchy skin with white flakes. Try these dandruff remedies at home!

  • Aloe vera gel applied on hair is beneficial.
  • Margosa leaves boiled in water and used for rinsing is effective.
  • Rubbing snake gourd juice on the scalp has been found to be beneficial in treating dandruff.
  • Equal amounts of olive and almond oil gets rid of dandruff.
  • Apply 1 tsp lime juice on your scalp for the last rinse for your hair to shine without dandruff.

answered by r k

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