Advice on white patch on skin

The appearance of a white patch on the genitals is most probably caused by fungal growth on the skin. If there is a growth of yeast on your genitals, you may experience itching and irritation on the head of your penis, as well as a burning sensation if and when urine comes into contact with the affected area. Diseases like diabetes predispose men to this kind of infection, which can be easily transmitted through sexual contact. Regular use of antibiotics may also lead to the appearance of white patches on the genitals. Unless the patch changes color and expands, or white spots begin to appear elsewhere on the skin as well, you may rule out the chances of skin pigmentation disorders like leucoderma. If the patch was earlier smooth and shiny but is slowly turning rough and itchy, you may be suffering from a rather uncommon skin disease called lichen sclerosus, which is caused by hormonal imbalances or a hyperactive immune system. Though this condition generally affects women, in men it may first appear before puberty and persist if left untreated and may even lead to serious complication like skin cancer. A close examination by a doctor should reveal the exact cause and nature of your problem.

In the meantime, however, you may try a few natural remedies at home to treat the condition. It is a myth that eating white foodstuff causes whit spots to appear on the skin. On the contrary, yogurt is one of the best natural means of treating such cases. You should eat a small cup of unsweetened homemade yogurt every morning at breakfast. Topical application of yogurt on the white patch may also help in making it disappear. Another effective remedy from the kitchen to treat skin discoloration is garlic. Crush a few cloves of raw garlic and apply the juice on the affected area. This will not only help destroy infection causing microbes that may be present on the skin but also improve blood circulation in the area, thereby restoring normal pigmentation. For another remedy, apply a diluted solution of tea tree oil on the white spot once every day. Alternatively, you may also clean the area twice every day with a ball of cotton wool dipped in some apple cider vinegar. The acidic nature of the vinegar acts as an effective antifungal agent and cures skin discoloration caused by local infections in a week or so.

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