The most effective and inexpensive way of getting rid of excessive body weight is to combine a nutritious, well balanced diet with a regular regime of physical exercise. It is mostly because of what you eat that you put on weight. Also, a sedentary lifestyle contributes to the problem. Thus, the first step towards getting in shape is to make a few basic changes in your diet. Cut down on your consumption of processed food and eat plenty of fresh fruits and raw vegetables instead. Restrict your intake of deep-fried and oily snacks, foods containing saturated fats such as red fats, artificially sweetened drinks and beverages, ice creams, butter and cheese, and alcohol. Opt for whole grains, pulses, steamed and boiled vegetables, yogurt and lean meats. Use olive oil or sunflower oil for cooking instead of clarified butter or such other cholesterol-high medium. Also, avoid overeating at all costs. It is a better idea to have several small meals at frequent intervals throughout the day than to eat just a couple of big meals. This helps the body assimilate the nutrients present in the body better and thereby reduces the chances of accumulation of fat deposits in the body. Besides eating the right food in the right way, you should also set aside at least an hour every day for some form of vigorous physical exercise like jogging, swimming or aerobics. This helps tone up the muscles of your body and burns out the extra flab. It is also important that you do not set unrealistic goals when it comes to losing weight. The best and most lasting way of losing weight is to go about the business gradually and not by adopting extreme means like severe dieting. Expensive surgical means like liposuction do help get rid of extra body fat overnight, but they do not ensure that you won't put on weight again.

A few simple home remedies may also be quite useful in reducing body weight. Mix a teaspoon of honey and the juice a lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and drink this solution every morning on an empty stomach. Drinking a cup of green tea twice a day is also believed to control weight gain. Chewing a few raw curry leaves every morning before breakfast is also known to help reduce body weight. You may also eat a couple of ripe tomatoes for breakfast every alternate day to lose weight.

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