Pain in abdomen and right side, lots of gas and burping. Relieved by eating or Mylanta.

The description you have provided sounds like you are suffering from a bad case of chronic indigestion. Chronic indigestion is a problem wherein your digestive system has been disrupted really badly and this state has gone on for an excessively long time. When this happens, your digestive system may behave properly when you are on medication, but it will not be able to keep up the smooth running of affairs beyond a point. The reason for this is that you need to completely cleanse your system out and make it run from scratch again. Sometimes, the dirt just settles in and it becomes impossible to get rid of it, one way or the other. Start a detoxifying process and try to continue with a detoxification diet for a whole week. This will not only give your system the complete rest that it requires but will also help you to get rid of all the problems associated with gas. Just make sure that you follow all the directions carefully, because if you slip up even once, you will suffer for longer. For a couple of days, you need to be only on water and fresh fruit. This may result in giving you a bad headache, since the body is used to a certain amounts of a certain type of food. But you should try and live with this diet for some time.

headache will pass the next day. Remember you can eat as much fruit as you want. On the third and fourth day, start having buttermilk as well. You could make this on your own with a tablespoon of fresh unflavored and unsweetened yogurt and a glass of water to which a pinch of rock salt has been added. Whip well and sip. You should not have more than four glasses of this on the first day. Have this for the next four days along with your fruit intake. If you can manage to pull through a week of this strict diet, then you will be able to cleanse your system beautifully. Keep in mind that you may be seeing really smelly and black stools for the first couple of days. Do not be alarmed. This is the debris coming out of your body. Later too, you may be having dark and smelly stools despite the fact that you are not even eating anything except fruits. The rock salt will help to dissipate your gas almost completely. If this does not show results within a month, consult a doctor.

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