What is the remedy for acid burn?

When the skin comes in contact with any acidic chemical, it is always likely to cause some significant amount of damage. Chemicals do not always require the presence of heat while they may also progress to more severe states in a rather short period of time. Moreover, the fact that the Burns are not immediately visible or evident makes them even harder to treat as soon as the incident takes place. There are a number of chemical substances that cause acid burns. Some of the more common ones include hydrofluoric acid and sulfuric acid. Most symptoms of acid burns will depend largely on the type of chemical involved. The effects of hydrofluoric acid can be very severe and even the slightest contact with the compound will result in extensive tissue damage. Case studies have shown that as little as only 2.5% of your skin surface coming in contact with the chemical can cause death. Sulfuric acid burns tend to be more common than hydrofluoric acid burns because of the fact that sulfuric acid is widely used in metal industries for purposes of etching and cleaning as well as in the production of fertilizers and explosives. Contact with the substance will cause almost immediate destruction of the tissue causing rather severe burns. Thankfully, the effect of sulfuric acid is not as fatal as the same small proportion of hydrofluoric acid.

If any part of your body has come in contact with either hydrofluoric acid or sulfuric acid, it is essential that you first flush the area with a large amount of water. Try using a safety shower or hose pipe to allow for maximum pressure. Continue flushing the area with water for a period of about 15 minutes and then remove any contaminated clothing as it will probably retain some amount of the chemical substance. Any brand of calcium gluconate gel should be massaged into the affected area of skin for about 20 minutes and then make it a point to rush to your nearest doctor to seek advanced medical help. If the chemical has come in contact with the eye or an area close to it, flush the affected area thoroughly. If only one eye had been contaminated, it is essential that you do not spread the contamination over to the other eye. Ingestion of the acid could lead to one of the more severe cases of the condition. Drink large amounts of water in order to dilute the solution but avoid inducing vomiting.

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