Is leucoderma curable?

Leukoderma, technically known as vitiligo, is a disease in which parts of the skin become pale or white in color due to the gradual loss of the natural coloring pigment, melanin. These patches look especially prominent in someone whose complexion is naturally dark. The problem usually begins with the appearance of a few small pale spots, mostly on the neck, hands, back or wrist, which become larger white patches on the skin in other parts of the body as well with the passage of time. Leukoderma is not caused by infection through germs, nor is it spread by touch. The exact cause is unknown but it seems to be triggered by stress and anxiety, prolonged or severe gastric ailments, diseases of the alimentary canal like jaundice, worms or other parasitic infections, typhoid, and problems relating to perspiration and burn injuries. Leukoderma is also thought to be genetic in nature.

There are several easy home remedies for leukoderma, and you can try them; but you should note that there is no proven cure for the condition, and these remedies may not have much effect. Grind 25gms of radish seeds into a fine powder and mix it with two teaspoons of vinegar to make a paste. Apply this paste on the white patches and wash it off after it dries. Another remedy is to soak the seeds of psoralea (babchi) in ginger juice for a couple of days. Make sure that the juice is replaced every day. Then remove the husk from the seeds by rubbing them with your fingers and let them dry in open air but away from direct sunlight. After this, grind the seeds into a powder and consume a gram of this powder added to a cup of fresh milk every day. Follow this procedure for forty days. You could also directly apply this powder on the affected areas. Alternatively, soak equal portions of babchi seeds and tamarind seeds in water for four days. Then shell the seeds and dry them in shade. Grind the seeds into a powder and apply this locally. If the skin itches, becomes inflamed or oozes on application then discontinue the use of this powder immediately. Eating goosefoot twice every day is also known to cure leukoderma. Applying the juice of goose foot leaves on the skin also helps. Mix 100gms of cucumber juice with an equal quantity of alfalfa juice and drink this mixture every morning and evening for treating leukoderma. Another popular and effective way to treat leukoderma is to drink water kept in overnight in a copper vessel on an empty stomach every morning.

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