I suffer breathlessness and the Dr. identified gallstones in a 'picture' as the cause. How can I get the solution being so far away and more so when I may not get the vegetables on the local market?

Your question is a bit confusing and unclear - I assume that by 'picture' you mean an ultrasound scan or some other kind of computerized scanning method such as a CT scan (a computerized tomography scan) or a radionuclide scan. These are common methods that are used to detect Gall Bladder Symptoms. However, breathlessness is not usually a symptom of gallstones or any kind of gall bladder problem, which is why your case seems a little unusual. The only way gall stones could cause breathlessness would be if the pain was severe enough to impede your breathing. However, you have not mentioned any pain at all. Therefore just to be on the safe side, I would suggest that you check with your doctor once more about the cause of the breathlessness, in case you have misunderstood his or her diagnosis.

Since the scan detected gall stones, that part of the diagnosis is of course certain, but here too you have not mentioned how severe the problem is and what course of action your doctor recommended. In some cases, it is possible to manage the problem through diet and lifestyle, but in a large number of cases, once the symptoms appear, more drastic intervention is needed. The gallstones can either be slowly dissolved by taking medication over a long period of time, or they can be broken up into small pieces by using ultrasonic shock waves. These small pieces can then pass through the bile duct without causing pain, after which they are eliminated through the stools. If even these measures do not work or are not viable for any reason, then surgery is required. The gall bladder is not a vital organ, and can be removed; you can function quite normally afterwards, with only a few minor changes to your diet and lifestyle.

As mentioned earlier, diet and lifestyle can sometimes manage gall stones even before attempting any medical treatment. This does not require any special treatment, so there is no need for you to worry. What is important is that you eat low fat meals - however, remember that a certain type and amount of fat is necessary for your body. An extreme diet with very little or no fat will aggravate the gallstones and cause other problems too. If you are overweight, you should try to shed the extra pounds; a low fat-high fiber diet combined with regular exercise should achieve this gradually. You should also eat smaller meals several times a day instead of two or three large meals, so as to avoid stressing your gall bladder.

answered by G R

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