Does skin problems cause itchy burning bumps

It is unclear from your question where in your body you have those reddish itching and burning bumps. Also, it is quite unclear how you might have got them. There are a variety of skin conditions where the same symptoms may be seen. For your benefit, let us outline a few common types of skin diseases and help you identify your type.

  • Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is one of the most common types of skin disorder which shows symptoms of itchy and inflamed skin. It generally affects the folds of skin near the elbow, knee, and neck. They can generally be treated with appropriate skin care and hygiene.
  • Contact dermatitis is another skin disease caused by the skin's reaction to certain allergens. It usually produces red, itchy patches on the skin that can look like rashes, blisters or bumps. In this case, find out the particular allergen that is responsible for the skin reaction and then avoid it altogether.
  • Scabies is another common skin disorder caused by mites. It causes intense itching along with red inflamed rashes. The cure generally comes through proper hygiene and medication.
  • Psoriasis is a skin disorder caused by rapid buildup of dead cells on the skin surface. This gives a look of dry scaly patches and bumps which causes inflammation and pain. There are no definitive cures for this; treatment is done according to the symptoms.
  • Rosacea, a skin disease that much resembles acne, is in fact a chronic skin condition. Symptoms include red inflamed rashes or bumps, which are itchy and painful. There are no definitive cures for this as well; treatment is mostly according to signs and symptoms.
  • Herpes zoster, commonly known as shingles, is yet another skin disease caused by virus. Common symptoms of shingles are red rashes or blisters which are extremely painful to touch. Treatment is generally done with antiviral drugs.

Besides these, there are many other varieties of skin disorders where you will observe more or less same symptoms. In some cases, these symptoms can also be a result of drug reaction or heat. Whatever may be causing your skin condition there are some basic rules of skin care that you must always follow. It is necessary that you pay proper attention to basic hygiene and care and keep your skin clean and healthy. Wear clothes that are comfortable and fitting. Avoid any substance (cosmetics, chemicals, foods, etc.) that triggers allergy in your body.

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