My son is suffering from congenital nystagmus (An eye disease in which the eye balls move involuntarily). Is there any treatment for this?

The term nystagmus is used to describe a condition in which the eyes move, involuntarily, slowly in one direction and rapidly in the other. The movement might be from side to side or it might be from up to down. Depending why he has nystagmus, these movements can manifest in both eyes or in just one eye. Acquired nystagmus is usually a symptom of some other health problem while it can also occur congenitally, like in the case of your son. The main reason why congenital nystagmus occurs is because the parts of the brain that control your eye movements are functioning abnormally. It can also occur if your son suffers from albinism or has problems with his retina. While congenital nystagmus is more common than acquired nystagmus, you should also know that it tends to be much less severe in its effects than acquired nystagmus.

There is no way to cure nystagmus at home - you must consult a doctor for proper treatment. If your son has been suffering from this condition for a while, you should not delay the consultation with the doctor. Ensure that you are completely transparent with your doctor and you provide all the details required for successful treatment. You might be asked a number of questions such when you began to notice that your son was suffering from this condition and how often he suffers from it. You should bear in mind that as your son grows older, if his nystagmus symptoms are not very pronounced, he will barely even notice that he suffers from such a problem. If the problem is more acute, he might need surgery to be able to see properly. You can also consult a doctor and get him contact lenses to improve vision.

There are also some other things that you can do. You need discover his "null position" - a position of the head which slows down the rate at which your son's nystagmus occurs. Being in this position will help greatly. Ensure that you are supportive of your son's condition because he might grow up with self-confidence issues because of the nystagmus. It is also essential that you address this issue with his teachers. For example, it is possible that he might take more time to read than the other children and the teachers should be able to see this in perspective and not think that his skills and intelligence are underdeveloped.

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