My son is 7 years old. I always give him vitamin C during cold. Kindly advice some alternative remedies for cold.

When children get a cold it often stays for a long time making it difficult for them to eat, drink or even sleep properly. You will first of all have to ensure that your son is always warm. Keep him dressed in warm clothes and ensure that his ears are covered when you go out. Wearing a woolen cap is a good idea too.

You should avoid giving him food items like bananas, grapes, cold drink and ice cream. This will only aggravate his condition and delay the process of the cold being cured. Instead you should give him hot food like soups and porridge.

You can also dose him with hot lemon and honey since this soothes the throat. For this you will need to squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass of hot water. Stir in a teaspoon of honey and get your son to drink this. This can be given to him two or three times a day. You should also give him only warm water to sip through out the day.

You can try giving him some ginger tea. If a piece of fresh ginger is peeled and grated into a cup of water and boiled, it can be drunk with a teaspoonful of honey mixed it. Drinking this will help reduce his cold. You can also ensure that he eats at least three cloves of garlic every day. This can be fed to him in the form of capsules. Giving him fresh garlic in his food is another option that you can consider.

You can also help ease his congestion by getting him to breathe in some medicated steam. Heat a pot of water and add some eucalyptus oil to this. You son should inhale this steam at least twice a day. Inhaling these fumes at bedtime will ensure that he has a good night's sleep.

If he has a disturbed sleep due to his congestions, you should apply some decongestant on the soles of his feet at bedtime. Put on a pair of socks. This will help him enjoy a good night's sleep.

You can crush a teaspoonful of carom seeds and then tie them up in a piece of thin muslin. This can be used by your son as an inhaler. You can also heat a cup of milk and add some turmeric powder to this. You son should drink this at bedtime since this will help clear his cold.

You can extract three teaspoons of onion juice by gratin and onion and squeezing the juice out. Add some honey to this and then give it to your son.

answered by G R

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