I have severe burning sensation before and after urinating along with pain in lower abdomen. I went through vaginal hysterectomy recently

If you have had a hysterectomy recently, then your first step should be to return to the doctor who performed this procedure on you. Keep in mind that any problem that arises with a big or small surgical procedure can actually show effects up to about six months after being performed. You should also be aware that your doctor is obliged to entertain any complaints you may be suffering from for at least a certain amount of time post surgically. The surgeon would also have to provide you with appropriate solutions for any post surgical complications as well. In any case, if you have done this, then your next step should be to ensure that you do not have any infection in any part of your body. In all probability, this is what could be causing the burning sensation. In case you are suffering from urinary tract infection, then a burning sensation while urinating is the commonest symptom of the same. Since you are still in post surgical form, you should make sure you do not neglect any such problem you may be suffering from even to a small extent. This is because you never know when this could blow up in your face and become huge and unmanageable.

If your problem is not related to your surgery, and all you have managed to do is catch a vaginal or a urinary tract infection from somewhere, then you should quickly take care of it. If you cannot go on to antibiotics for some reason related to your surgery, then you should try some remedial measures at home. The first thing you should start doing is drinking large quantities of cranberry juice. This will help relieve you of your infection to a large extent. Cranberries have healing properties that tend to clear up any mild urinary tracts infection very well and quickly. You should also start drinking large quantities of water, as this will help to flush out toxins from your body quite easily via urine as well as perspiration. You can also topically apply yogurt to your genitals in order to clean up your infection. Alternately, you can also wash yourself with water to which you have added a bit of baking soda. This will help to kill surface bacteria and will also help to sanitize the entire area very well. Following these remedies for about a couple of days should show positive results.

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