Can sickle cell anemia be cured?

Medical science has no documented cure for the problem of sickle cell anemia. But this does not mean that there are no ways to help with controlling the problems and the pain associated with the disease. The first thing is that you must understand what sickle cell anemia is. It basically a condition which is characterized by a desperate shortage of red blood cells in the body. This happens because the red blood cells in the body of the person who has this disease tend to be hard and die out very quickly. The disease is characterized by various problems such as joint aches and pains, low immunity, weakness and general sensitivity to anything. You can take care of the problems that are associated with sickle cell anemia by taking care of the symptoms. In order to do this, you would have to ensure that the patient gets a proper and prescribed amount of food, rest and medication. This is extremely important in keeping people with sickle cell anemia healthy. The first thing to look after is the food. It should be a well balanced diet that includes all food groups. The person should eat well, which is important in keeping good health. Stress more on natural sources of iron, as this will help to maintain a decent supply of red blood cells in the body.

It is essential to drink plenty of water so that you ensure that the sickle cells remain plumped and full. In any case, drinking plenty of water is essential for your good health, so don't scrimp on it. Stress can result in lack of generation of red blood cells. This can also trigger a crisis situation for a patient. Be careful to keep the patient in good health and a good frame of mind as well. It is essential that the patient not be exposed to temperature extremes. Being kept in a moderate environment with a normal amount of humidity is a good way to maintain good health for a patient. Do not assume that a patient of sickle cell anemia does not require exercise in lieu of rest. While it is important to get rest, it is also important to get a moderate amount of exercise for the patient. This will help with overall good health too. Keep in mind that sickle cell anemia is a form of anemia that is inherited. You can only control it so much and no further.

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