What home remedies can lower high blood pressure?

In order to control your blood pressure, you would have to follow a regimen of strict diet and exercise. You will also most likely have to change your lifestyle to some extent as well. Make these changes permanent and you will not suffer too much from the drawbacks and grisly side effects of high blood pressure. The most important thing to regular is your daily routine. Make it a point to get adequate rest, as this is important in bringing down blood pressure. Your body needs to relax completely and this can be achieved by resting appropriately. This is the most effective way to reduce the excessively fast circulation of blood all over the body and bring it under control. You should try and start doing Yoga. This will make a huge difference in your body's outlook towards exercise and will also help you to bring your body under control to a very large extent. This is also the mildest, yet most effective type of exercise you can do, that will help to control your blood pressure. But keep in mind that if you do start doing Yoga regularly, this will also becomes a complete lifestyle change for you. Thus is because Yoga is also usually accompanied with mild eating and resting well. Not that you would do this in particular - more likely it will happen on its own.

You would also need to make huge changes in your dietary habits. The first change to make is that you would have to give up on eating strong and spicy food. This is a huge contributing factor towards high blood pressure. You should also cut down on your salt intake to a large extent. Try to eat as much of salad and soup as you can. It is also inadvisable to use dressing and croutons, as both of these will contain salt which is a highly avoidable thing for a person with high blood pressure problems. Increase your intake of green vegetables such as cabbage, celery, spinach and generally all other leafy greens. This will help you to control your blood pressure as well. Fish is also considered to be very helpful in people who are suffering from high blood pressure. However, you must avoid shrimp, as this is very high in cholesterol. Most other types of fish would serve to help improve your health. Try to make these changes permanent, and you will be able to keep your problem under control.

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