Causes Of Hernia Which Can Be Treated Using Home Remedies: Suggest Some Herbal Remedies For Hernia.

Hernia refers to the condition when a relatively weaker part of the body slips through a muscle and gets lodged there. A very common type of hernia is when a part of the intestine slides through the stomach muscles and gets stuck in upper thigh. The main causes of hernia are: physical exertion that strains a muscle due to exercise or sports, obesity, use of certain drugs as well as genetic factors. Hernia is characterized by severe pains in the stomach and chest, acid reflux and regurgitation of food. Hernia should not be ignored and left untreated since it can cause further complications and health problems. Usually hernia requires surgery but it can also be treated using simple home remedies. You can start by eating smaller meals several times a day instead of two main meals. You should also avoid foods that build acids, such as caffeine, spices and alcohol. You should also avoid eating fats and foods with high cholesterol levels which lead to bloating. Never bend or exercise after eating since this can damage the abdominal muscles. It is also recommended to avoid consuming peppermint for up to 2 hours after your meals. You should also control your weight since obesity is one of the main causes for hernia. You should also ensure that you are not suffering from bowel disorder which increases the stress on the abdominal muscles. Apart from this, you should avoid exerting yourself and wearing clothes that are tight around the stomach and put undue pressure on the abdominal area.

You should sleep with your head elevated, but do not use pillows since they increase the pressure on the abdominal area. You can raise the head of your bed by using bricks. Ensure that there is a gap of at least 2 hours between your meals and the time you go to bed. Since it is very common to suffer from hernia due to incorrect lifting of heavy objects, always protect your back while lifting something heavy and ask for help. A common herbal remedy for hernia is consumption of slippery elm and chamomile tea. You can mix a paste of the bark of slippery elm in chamomile tea and sip it slowly so that it coats the abdominal area properly. This is effective in treating hernia even in children. American Ginseng is also beneficial in treating hernia. A ¼ cup of the juice of Aloe Vera consumed twice a day is excellent for treating hernia.

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