Can palm oil aggravate ulcer or cure it?

Ulcers are primarily caused by increased acidity in the stomach accompanied with high levels of stress. This can be due to an improper diet with high emphasis of fried, processed and spicy foods and excessive consumption of alcohol and nicotine, as well as a stressful lifestyle with inadequate rest and exercise. Ulcers are basically lesions formed on the skin, in the eyes or on organ membranes which can develop into open sores and cause much discomfort and pain. Scientists have studied the use of palm oil to treat ulcers and it has been observed that the Vitamin E extracted from the oil is beneficial for treating ulcers. Apart from the palm oil, there are several simple home remedies for treating ulcers.

In order to treat ulcers of any kind, you should first monitor your diet, avoiding all fried, processed and spicy foods and eliminating any food allergens from your diet, gradually re-introducing them into your diet over a period of time. You should follow a healthy, balanced diet rich in fiber content found in cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts and spinach. Apart from this you should avoid milk since the calcium in the milk can aggravate the problem and avoid caffeine and nicotine which decrease the blood circulation in the stomach thus slowing down the healing process. Since cayenne pepper stimulates the flow of blood in the stomach, you should make a tea with ¼ tsp of cayenne pepper in 1 cup of boiling water and drink this once a day. You can also use cayenne pepper in your food preparations. In addition to this, you should consume at least 2 cloves of fresh garlic daily as well as 1 green banana in the morning and in the night. Plums and berries, which inhibit the growth of H. plyori and help to fight the ulcers, are excellent in treating ulcers. Similarly drinking a glassful of cabbage juice of eating raw cabbage in the form of salads is highly beneficial for ulcer treatments. Licorice is also excellent in ulcer treatment and you can drink licorice tea prepared by slicing 1 ounce of licorice and brewing it in 1 quart f boiling water, which you later cool and strain. The bark of slippery elm, can be powdered and 1 tsp can added to 1 glass of warm water. This concoction works miracles for ulcers and can be consumed thrice a day. Finally it is important to try and lead a relatively stress-free lifestyle and reduce the stress by getting adequate rest and exercise. Yoga is beneficial in stress busting and thus important if you want to treat and prevent ulcers.

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