My 4yr old niece has foot edema. The doctors did blood test, x-rays, ultrasounds etc. They are now sending her to a dermatologist. What can I give her that won't be harmful for a 4yr. old?

Edema, or the retention by the body of fluids, is a common problem that most of us suffer from. Edema occurs when we are tired or when we have been on our feet for several hours. However, having a four year old child suffering from this problem does make it a little difficult. The easiest thing that you can try at this point is reducing her intake of salt. Try and serve her food that has the very minimum of salt. Adding Vitamin C to your little niece's diet will help her. You can give her some orange juice regularly. Cranberry juice is another option that you can try. You should give her at least two bananas every day since bananas are rich in potassium. Eating food that is rich in potassium can help reduce the water retention by the body. You should ensure that she eats a balanced meal and that she eats cabbage in some form or the other every single day. She should eat food that is low in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates contain a higher percentage of water and this will only add to the water content in her body. Instead she should be given a protein rich diet. She can also be given food items that contain fat.

When you notice that her feet are swelling you should let her put up her feet. This will help reduce the swelling. Soaking the feet in a tub of warm water is another remedy that you can try. Don't try to restrain your niece and prevent her from playing and running. Running and indulging in some form of physical activity is actually recommended when a person is suffering from edema. In fact an active life is usually helpful when a person is suffering from edema.

You can also heat some mustard oil and use this to massage her feet when they are swollen. You can peel a couple of potatoes and then boil the peelings in two cups of water. Boil this till the water is reduced. Now strain this and mix three tablespoons of the liquid in a glass of cranberry juice. Give this to your niece. You can also add the juice of one lime to four large glasses of water. Dip a towel in this, squeeze out excess water and place this on the stomach of the person suffering from edema. You can use black nightshade to treat this problem. Simply boil some black nightshade in a glass of water till the water is reduced. This liquid can be strained and stored and drunk every day by your niece.

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