Home Remedy for Athletic feet

If you are suffering from Athlete's Foot, the first thing you must do is stop wearing closed shoes. It is important that you know that Athlete's Foot is caused due to the presence of excessive moisture accumulations. Generally, sweaty feet that are not taken care of properly are the primary causes of Athlete's Foot. This makes it important for you to ensure that your feet are kept extra dry at all times. In order to find remedial measures at home for this problem, you should begin with first cleansing and sanitizing your feet thoroughly and well. You can do this by applying generous quantities of baking soda to them and then washing them thoroughly with warm water. After this, it is imperative you dry your feet before you begin to apply anything to them. If you must, use a hair dryer to achieve this. After this, you can apply any anti fungal ointment available in a pharmacy. This will effectively cure half the problem straightaway. For best results, you should apply a mix of equal parts of tea tree oil and olive oil to your feet. This can also be left overnight to work effectively at killing the fungus totally. Most of the time, this is an excellent and really useful remedy. However, if it does not work, you an also employ another, slightly difficult method. Apply the juice of freshly squeezed raw garlic to your feet. This will kill the infection easily, but it may be smelly. This is certainly not a popular remedy, despite its effectiveness. Soak your feet in warm water to which you have added Epsom salts. This will help to get rid of your infection.

You can also apply medicated powder to kill bacteria and keep your feet bone dry at the same time. The basic point is to not let your feet perspire, or for moisture to gather there. This will only aggravate the problem. As far as possible, wear open shoes. You must also exfoliate your feet once a week. Add a few drops of lime juice to the scrub you would use for best results. The lime juice will sanitize your feet as well. Since Athlete's Foot is a kind of yeast that has taken up residence on your skin, you should try not to let it prosper and grow there. Try to avoid eating fermented foods, as this will retard the growth of any fungus on your body.

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