My one year old son is suffering from bronchitis since last 4/5 days. I had given him some alopathetic medicine but after taking he used to vomit.

When someone suffers from bronchitis, what happens is that there is some irritation in the throat. As a result of this a large amount of mucus is generated in the throat. It is this which causes irritation in the throat. It makes breathing difficult and the patient does not feel at ease till he manages to get the phlegm out of his system. In the case of small children the phlegm can often cause them to vomit. When the infection gets really bad, it can also cause some fever. This is probably why your son has a temperature in addition to the infection.

The best way to treat bronchitis is by using turmeric. Turmeric works wonders when it is mixed with some hot milk and drunk at bedtime. You can mix a small amount of turmeric powder with half a cup of hot milk and feed it to your son. You will find that keeping him warm also eases his infection. You can make a medicated oil to ease his breathing by heating four to five tablespoons of coconut oil. Crush about five tablets of camphor in this and heat on low flame till the camphor has melted into the oil. Cool slightly and then use this to rub on your son's chest and back. This will help ease his breathing and give him relief.

For his fever you may have to take him to the doctor. If the fever persists and the temperature increases, you should immediately use cold compress on your son's forehead. Keep changing the compress at regular interval till his temperature drops down to a fairly normal one.

You can also give you son small amounts of onion juice. This may be a little spicy and difficult for a small child to swallow so you can mix some honey in this to make it easier to swallow. Use your finger to scoop up some of this into your son's mouth. Heat one cup of milk. Add three or four cloves of garlic to this. Boil this on low heat till the milk is reduced to half a cup. Now strain the milk and give this to your son. This helps in reducing the mucus in the throat and will definitely give relief to your son. You can heat a griddle or a frying pan on the gas. Fold a soft towel and heat on the pan. Use this to give hot fomentations on your son's chest and back. This will help soothe his cough.

If the cold persists and your son is unable to breathe easily, then you should take your son to the doctor at the earliest.

answered by G R

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