How to clear throat infections? Kindly Advice.

A throat infection can ruin even the best of your plans. Although the infection specifically reads 'throat', it does not affect the throat alone. The whole body suffers when you have a throat infection. Your back may hurt, you have fever and you may have other complains as well. An infection in your throat usually develops when you have bacteria or other viruses breeding in your throat. The localized infections in your throat can cause a lot of pain and inconvenience. Although a lot of people confuse sore throats with a throat infection, the two are completely different. The bacteria in your throat can multiply and cause inflammation in the throat. The best way to get rid of your throat troubles is through getting rid of the microbes that are causing the infection. The first step towards doing that is to see a doctor and get your throat cultures done. The throat cultures would allow the doctor to identify the kind of microbe that is causing the infection in your throat.

Causes of infection.A throat infection is typically caused by a virus or bacteria, though viruses are more likely to cause throat infections than bacteria. The infection gets transmitted through infected sputum. If you get sneezed on or there is transfer of nasal fluids in any manner, you too could get infected. Sometimes, the infection may be localized in the tonsils of a person. In such a case, the condition is known as tonsillitis. In rare cases, a throat infection may be due to a fungal strain. A fungus known as candida albicans is known to cause throat infections. This infection is also known as oral thrush. It usually affects the mouth and the lips of a person, but in rare cases, it may spread to the throat of a person and cause infections. Allergies may also be responsible for throat infections. Before you take any treatment for your throat infection, it is important to know what microbes are causing the condition. Cold remedies in natural forms can help in reducing the cold symptoms. They can also help you deal with the infection naturally. Most throat infections occur along with the common cold and therefore most throat infection remedies are the same ones which would be used for common cold.

How to get rid of throat infection? The medical treatment of throat infection may vary from one infection to another. Depending on the cause of the infection and the severity of it, the treatment for throat infection is carried out. You can also use home remedies for a throat infection, especially in case your infection has been caused by a virus. It is known that viruses cannot be treated through medication, and therefore, it is best to have the virus treated with the help of home remedies. Thus, natural remedies for a throat infection tend to work better in case of fungal and viral infections. One of the best viral throat infection remedies is to drink herbal tea. Teas of chamomile, marjoram, lemongrass and sweet basil can help soothe the inflammation and the pain that an infected throat may experience. When it comes to viral infections, most doctors suggest that you let the infection run its natural course. In such a case, natural remedies for cold and sore throat can help soothe your symptoms. Doctors may suggest you to take antibiotics for your throat infection,which may help you deal with your infection. However, while the antibiotics do their bit, you can use your own home remedies to give you comfort.

While you are still struggling with a throat infection, your throat may be too swollen for you to consume solid foods. So, eat only semi-solid foods or soups and broths. They not only slide through your throat swiftly, but also have a very relaxing effect on it. Apart from the natural remedies for cold and flu, there are some precautions that you should ideally take. For instance, you should stop smoking when you have a throat infection. Smoking may aggravate your infection and cause you further pain and discomfort. If you have someone in your family who smokes, stay away from them as second-hand smoke can also cause you a lot of discomfort. Gargling with warm water and salt is another effective way to provide warmth to your throat and soothe it. This is the oldest throat infection remedy that has been used since generations. In fact, a salt water gargle is one of the best throat infection remedies for children. It not only reduces the inflammation caused in the throat due to the infection but also promotes healing. If you can, also drink lots of warm fluids that will help flush the toxins from your body while also having a soothing effect on your throat.

Keeping your throat hydrated will also go a long way in helping you recover. Teas, broths, soups, water and juices should all be consumed in healthy quantities. If you are also suffering from fever, drinking these fluids will help bring the fever down. However, ensure that the fluids you drink are neither too hot, nor too cold, since extreme temperatures may cause the condition to worsen. Also give yourself lots of rest. To keep bodily pain and fever away, rest is very important. More than any natural remedy for throat infection, rest will help your body heal and cope. You can also consume a lot of garlic. Garlic has naturally warming properties and is also an effective anti-microbial agen. The extracts in garlic can help get rid of any bacterial or fungal infection in your body. It will also bring in warmth to your body and will help you get rid of infection.

When taking natural remedies for colds during pregnancy, you must take good care of your health. Hence, before you use any home remedies, make sure that your doctor is well informed about your intent. Honey and ginger juice is usually considered a safe enough home remedy during pregnancy. The combination of honey and ginger is soothing on your throat and can stop the irritants cold in their tracks.

Although these were some of the natural remedies for a throat infection, keep in mind that there is no natural cure for a throat infection that is caused by bacteria. Home remedies seek to alleviate symptoms and help with viral and fungal infections; however, if there is a bacterial infection or if the throat infection is a symptom of another underlying disease, you should consult a doctor for proper treatment.

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Throat infections are caused when the inside of your throat has been irritated due to a variety of reason. As a result it produces mucous which can clog up the throat and nose. Throat infections are a fairly frequent occurrence and most of us get it at one point or the other. If however, your throat infection persists for a long period of time, then you should get yourself checked to ensure that this is not a manifestation of a more dangerous medical illness.

The easiest way to get rid of your throat infection is by ensuring that you eat simple food. Stop eating spicy or oily food since this will only aggravate your throat. You should also stay away from cold drinks and certainly not drink cold water or ice cream. Avoid eating cold food directly from the fridge and take the time to heat it up. If you are a smoker you should cut down on smoking till your infection clears up.

Gargling with warm water to which a pinch of salt has been added does help in soothing the throat. You can also use a pinch of turmeric which works wonders too. Drinking a cup of hot milk with a pinch of turmeric is another remedy that you can try. Hot water with some lemon juice and honey mixed into it is another very easy but very soothing drink that can work wonders. Ginger tea too is very effective in soothing the throat. You can use pieces from a one inch piece of fresh ginger and add this to hot water. When this boils you can strain it and then drink with some honey or sugar.

Your food should be simple and should be eaten at regular intervals. Resting is another way to ensure that your body gets back to normal and so you should stay in bed. A hot water bottle will help get rid of the chill and keep you warm. Chamomile tea is very effective in brining down the pain and the best thing is that you can take it as often as you like during the day. Garlic is also very effective in treating problems of the throat and nose. You can boil one cup of milk and add around four to five cloves of garlic to this. Boil till the milk is reduced to half and then drink this milk. You can add some sweetener if you like.

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