Dietary Restrictions During Jaundice: What Junk Foods Can Be Taken During Jaundice

Jaundice is a liver disease, in which the liver is weak enough to sometimes be dysfunctional. While jaundice can be controlled by a proper course of medication, you will also have to pay extra attention to your diet in order to properly cure yourself of the disease. In the regular course of treatment, the medication can last for up to a month or even more, depending upon the severity of your problem. However, you should know that dietary restrictions can last for anytime between one to three months. Sometimes, the damage to the liver is so great that you will have to continue with dietary restrictions well after your course of medication is over and done with. To answer your question, absolutely no junk food can be eaten while suffering or recovering from jaundice.

Only some of the dietary restrictions are that you may not eat any type of oily food at all. You only have to eat boiled food. Oil can cause more harm than good to your delicate liver at this stage. Boiled food is easier to process and digest, a procedure completely taken care of by the liver. One of the things that are very effective in the cure of jaundice is tomatoes. If you can, make it a point to have a glass of tomato juice every morning and evening with a pinch of salt added to it. This will help with recovery. Barley water is also an excellent method to recover from jaundice quickly and effectively. Sugarcane juice is considered to be almost magical in healing a person suffering from jaundice. In terms of adding flavor to your food, you may use lime juice and salt only. Any other form of flavoring or spice will only succeed in making your condition worse. It is also essential that you do not take in any form of fat while suffering from jaundice. This is because any problem with the liver can obstruct bile production and this will lead to acute indigestion. In this case, the lighter and more easy to digest your food is, the easier your system will find to process it. If you eat any form of junk even by mistake, you can be rest assured that your treatment and recovery will have taken several steps back in the process. It is essential that you exercise this restraint now. Otherwise, you will be stuck with a weak liver all your life.

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