Alternative cures for bone infections

The medical name for a bone infection is called osteomyelitis. The infection is common in children and may occur for no given reason as well or due to an infection that has occurred somewhere else in the body. When it happens in adults it generally happens after a fracture, generally in parts where the skin is badly damaged and the bone is exposed. If left untreated and abscesses may form, which will form pus and eventually erupt and if left untreated may become chronic.

Generally treatment involves the use of a blood testing order to identify the infection; if the bone of the affected has been severely damaged then you will need to take an x- ray to determine the extent of the damage. For the initial stages of osteomyelitis treatment is done with the insertion of antibiotics into the vein and continued for a period of about 4 to 6 weeks. After the infection has been identified the pus from the infection is drained and will require the use of a general anesthetic. In severe cases the bone may have to be removed through surgery.

Toenail infections caused due to the constant exposure of the toe nail to warm and humid conditions. The bacteria generally resides ion the nail bed and severe cases result in the complete loss of the toe. There are a variety of remedies that you can use to treat it of them tea tree oil is most effective. Tea tree oil is available at your local pharmacist and can be directly applied to the infection in order to cure it. If that is not effective then you wash the affected area with distilled vinegar after a shower. The vinegar helps fight off the bacteria effectively. It advisable to consult your doctor as well; in order to gauge the severity of the infection.

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