I on occasion have this thing with my heart when it just starts beating real fast for may be a minute or so then slows back down to a normal pace instantly. Is there an herbal remedy for that?

The medical term for the irregular beating of your heart is known as cardiac arrhythmia or dysehythmia. It is used to describe the disorder in which there is abnormal activity in the heart, causing the heart to beat too fast or too slow or irregularly. Sometimes this disorder can cause a life threatening situation and even cause cardiac arrest and sometimes sudden death. Though more commonly this disorder is more annoying than anything else, while some patients manifest no symptoms but they are also pre- disposed towards a stroke or embolus. Normally this disorder is triggered by coronary disease, because of the fact that the coronary disease produces a scar tissue in the heart. The scar tissue then disturbs the normal transmission of signals which are imperative to the proper functioning of the heart. The disorder can also be caused due to atherosclerosis and some people are also born with arrhythmias. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and getting stressed as they are indirect contributing factors.

Treatment for this depends on how intense your symptoms are, if you have very mild symptoms then it will eventually take care of itself. If your symptoms start to increase ten you will have will have to seek medical attention as the disorder can be fatal. In order to try and regulate your heart rate you should try and exercise, this will help lose the excess amounts of adrenaline, which is a hormone that energizes the body along with other parts of the body. There is also a supplement vitamin recommendation that you can try in order to bring relief to your symptoms. Patients who have this disorder generally have thin blood, you can remedy this by making sure you have a steady intake of vitamin K. avoid smoking at all cots as it is very harmful if you suffer from this disorder.

answered by M W

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