Antibiotics Benefits, Infections And Side Effects: How Do You Replace The Harm Caused From Taking Too Many Antibiotics?

Although antibiotics provide a quick relief solution to many ailments there are some downsides to the over use of antibiotics. Basically what happens is that a bacterium that infects the body learns to build up defenses against these drugs. Thus the bacteria becomes even stronger and more dangerous than before - subsequent infections are harder to treat, as the antibiotics that were previously used are now ineffective. This can sometimes leads to the frequent recurrence of the same bacterial infection, and as a result, the condition eventually becomes chronic.

In addition, antibiotics sometimes actual cause infections - this happens because they inadvertently destroy good bacteria that normally exist in the body. When these bacteria are destroyed, other harmful bacteria and fungi are able to take hold and cause infections. Often fungal infections such as candidiasis result from the use of antibiotics.

The most common symptoms of the overuse of antibiotics are diarrhea and a general feeling of being sick. Some other severe symptoms of the overuse of antibiotics also include the formation of kidney stones, clotting of the blood abnormally, an increased sensitivity to UV radiation especially from the sun, and even deafness in rare cases. All this however does not mean that antibiotics are bad - this is a faulty conclusion that many people make, and they try to avoid antibiotics at all costs. The right approach is to use antibiotics only when they are really necessary. Abuse is harmful; when used properly, antibiotics are worth the risks, and are sometimes the only effective treatment.

There is no sure way to repair the harm caused by the antibiotics. The best way to ensure that your system does not face the problem again is to make sure you do not treat yourself using any antibiotics. If you are not convinced that your doctor prescribes antibiotics responsibly, you should ask questions, or even find another doctor.

answered by M W

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