I have strabismus does somebody knows how to cure it without surgery?

Strabismus is the medical name given to a condition commonly known as a squint or cross eyes or even "lazy eye". This condition can be caused due to two reasons. It can be a brain disorder which is not allowing for co-ordination between the two eyes. Alternatively, it can be a muscular disorder due to which the eyes are misaligned. One of the fastest ways to recover from this problem is, of course, surgery. But if you are looking at non surgical options, then the first thing you need to know about them is that they will take a long time to take effect. The important thing is not to lose patience or heart. The first step in curing your problem would be to figure out which category it falls under. If is a brain disorder, there are fewer chances of treating it non surgically, and it is essential for you to know this as well as come to terms with it. The chances of a muscular disorder getting treated with devices such as visual exercises are far superior, since muscles can be made to obey commands via exercise.

You must get a medical examination which will tell you the extent of your problem before you start with anything else. Sometimes, some people actually have a lazy eye that cannot see at all, and because they have lived with it for long enough, they cannot tell that this is an abnormality. A proper medical exam will also reveal your chances of recovering with non invasive procedures. If they are good, you must go ahead with them. Visual exercises can be conducted at home, with frequency prescribed by a proper visual therapist. You do not need to visit a doctor after an initial consultation which will tell you what all exercises you must do.

answered by G M

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