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The human ear is typically made up of various parts each of which performs important and varying functions. An ear clogged with water could cause a lot of discomfort and irritation to a person and so the need to find a method on how to clear water from ear. Very often people tend to experience a problem of water clogged ears on account of the accumulation of water and dirt in the ear canal and the outer ear. Water in ear treatment is typically required because of the accumulation of excessive water in the ear after swimming, or the ear may also get clogged with water after bathing. When water collects in the ear from swimming then this medical condition is also known as swimmer's ear.

Excessive water in ear after swimming or bathing tends to occur because the ear canal is open to the outside and hence water can very easily enter into the ear canal and accumulate in there. However, in most cases, this water also tends to flow out easily. Many people tend to experience a feeling of water in the ears since there is no vent that allows air back into the ear canal. The water that enters the ear canal may remain in the ear for an extended period of time resulting in the ears getting clogged with water. Accumulation of water clogged in the ear canal over a period of time results in ear infection and ear pain. The symptoms of ear infection and ear pain are observed when water collects in the ear more so if the water contains chlorine or the water is dirty. Chlorine is known to damage the lining of the ear canal thereby making the ear even more susceptible and prone to an infection. Hence many people are keen on knowing how to clear a blocked ear of water so that the water does not remain for very long in the ear giving rise to further complications besides an infection.

There are various home remedies for removal of water from the ears. A natural remedy for water clogged ears is to turn the affected ear in such a manner that it is facing the ground. Many a times, gravity itself will simply cause some of the water to release on its own. One may also slightly shake their head to assist the water in flowing out or may even lightly thump their skull with their own fist behind the ear. By doing so, the water in the ear canal should get dislodged and slowly drain out. Another one of the home remedies for water clogged ears is to use a dropper. However one needs to remember that this method involves adding of more water to ones already clogged ear. The principle behind this remedy is that the new water that is added tends to bond with the water already accumulated in the ear canal and when the individual flips their head around then the added weight of the water that flows out of the ear may result in all the water accumulated in the ear draining out on its own. Similarly, a natural treatment for water in the ear removal is to use a source of heat such as a hair dryer. Very often hair dryers are used as a home remedy for water clogged ears wherein the hair dryer is set at a low temperature and held near the ear but not very close to the ear canal.

The warm air from the hairdryer tends to gradually dry the water that is accumulated in the ear. Since the temperature is not set at very high the hair dryer may be used without causing any harm or burning the skin around or in the ear canal of the individual. The warm water in the ear then tends to evaporate which in turn cures the problem of blocked ears. Another natural treatment to remove the water accumulated in ones ear on account of bathing or swimming is to create pressure on the accumulated water from within by yawning a few times and also tilting the ear in the same direction at the same time as one is yawning. This movement of the jaw combined with gravity creates pressure in the ear passage which then results in the water trickling out on its own. Another water clogged ears remedy is to roll the end of a soft, clean and dry cotton towel to form a thin point and then this thin point should be inserted very gently into the ear. One should roll the towel around for some time in the ear so that it soaks up all the water that has accumulated inside the ear.

For those who go swimming often or tend to have water collect inside their ears after bathing, this is one of the easiest home remedies that may be used on a daily basis. One of the natural treatments that can be practiced at home if one has the feeling of water accumulated in the ear is to put a few drops of alcohol directly inside the ear with the help of a dropper or by simply soaking the ear bud in some alcohol. Alcohol is known to naturally and effectively dry up the water that accumulates in the ear canal. It is also important to know that accumulation of water in the ear may, over a period of time result in the growth of fungus or bacteria inside the ear. Hence it would be beneficial to prepare a mixture of alcohol and some apple cider vinegar and then pour a few drops of this solution into the ear canal. After doing so one should lie still on their side with the affected ear facing upwards so that this mixture of alcohol and apple cider vinegar trickles into the ear gradually and then soaks up the excessive water in ears. Similarly one may also lightly warm some baby oil over a low flame and then pour a few drops of this warm oil into the ear and then gently clean it with some cotton wool. If one is still not getting relief from ear pain caused by accumulation of water, one should immediately visit an ENT specialist.

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The ears are made up of many different parts which perform different and important functions. The part that is most often referred to as the ear is actually the outer ear and ear canal. These parts are the external parts of the ear which can be affected by dirt and by water. There is a membrane inside the ear which separates the outer and inner ear. The inner ear actually has all the organ parts that are responsible for hearing. The opening of the inner ear to the nasal system is used to maintain pressure of the membrane and prevent it from tearing under the slightest change of pressure.

Water can enter the ear canal while swimming or while bathing. The ear canal is open to the outside and can easily collect water. In most cases, this water flows back out of the ear. However, because there is no vent to allow air back into the ear canal, water may remain in the canal for extended periods of time. This can cause pain and ear infection, particularly if the water is dirty or contains chlorine. Chlorine can damage the lining of the ear and make it susceptible to infection.

There are several ways to remove water from ears. The first thing to attempt when seeking water in ear remedy is to turn the affected ear so that it is facing the ground. Gravity may help to release some of the water. One can shake the head slightly or lightly thump the side of the skull behind the ear with one's own fist. This would help dislodge the water and let it drain out. One of the other water in ear remedy option is to use a dropper. Ironically, this method adds more water to the ear. The added water bonds with the water already present in the ear. When the patient then flips his or her head around, the added weight of the water pushing out of the ear may help all the water to be drained out.

Another common way to remove water from ears is to use a heat source. Hair dryers are commonly used in such situations and they are set at a low temperature so that they gradually warm up the water without burning the skin or the ear canal. The warm water then evaporates gradually and this cures the problem.

If these methods to remove water from ear fail, one must visit an ENT specialist who will clean the ears using medical equipment. Some of the water in ear remedy options could be a little dangerous and could have a negative impact on the ear. It is therefore necessary to be extremely careful when employing these remedy options.

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Sometimes water enters the ear while taking bath and clogs the ear canal. It is not very safe to try to remove the water clogging present in the ear by yourself, as the water may actually trickle down deeper into the inner ear and cause damage to the sensitive eardrum. It is advisable to consult a physician if the problem persists for more than a couple of days.

However, you may try to get the water out of your ear by tilting your head on the side of the blocked ear and jumping for a bit on in this position. This is an easy and often a very effective way of exerting external pressure on the water clogging the ear canal and forcing it out of the ear. Alternatively, you could try creating pressure on the water from within by tilting your head in the same way and yawning for a few times. The movement of the jaw creates pressure within the ear passage and makes the water trickle out of the ear on its own. You should also roll the end of a clean, soft and dry cotton towel into a thin point and insert this into the ear very gently. Roll it around for a while till the cloth soaks up all the water inside the ear. Follow this procedure every day after you bathe or swim in order to prevent the accumulation of water inside the ears. Putting a few drops of alcohol inside the ear, either directly with the help of a dropper or with an ear bud soaked in alcohol, is another option, as this helps dry up the water blocking the ear canal naturally. For another remedy, set your hair dryer at an optimal temperature and blow the warm air into the ear from a safe distance, swaying it across the length of the ear so that the air does not hurt the inner ear. This might help in evaporating the trapped water molecules inside the ear naturally. Water clogging the ear may also cause bacterial or fungal growth inside, so it is useful to mix together some apple cider vinegar and alcohol and pour a few drops of this solution into the ear. Lie still on your side till the solution trickles in and soaks up the water inside the ear. In addition to this, you may also warm some baby oil gently over a low flame and pour a few drops of it into the ear and swab it gently with cotton wool.

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If your ears are blocked due to water logging, then you must not even try to remove the water yourself. Sometimes, water goes into the inner ear and settles down there, and any attempts you make to remove it can actually cause more damage than good to your ear. This is especially true if you have been facing the blockage problem for more than a week. It is always better to see a physician and get them to drain out your ear in this case. If it is momentary, or if you are one of those people who have a tendency to get water in your ears frequently, but if comes out as well, then you can simple tilt your head to the side of the blocked ear and hope around a bit on one leg. Though it sounds extremely funny, this is actually a remedy which works very effectively and well to remove water. The sudden jerks accompanied with water flow pointing in the right direction will ensure that the water is drained out well.

Another very effective way of cleaning out ears that have been clogged with water is to maintain a daily routine of cleaning after a bath. Once you finish your bath, take a corner of the towel, roll it a bit, and put it in your ear. Wiggle this about as best as you can, so that the cloth can absorb excess water, and then leave it. This method will dry out your ears properly and will also make way for any water that is trapped inside to come out. If you do this everyday, you can be assured that you will never be faced with the problem of water logged ears again. Another way of forcing water out of your ears is to apply internal pressure. Yawn a bit while tilting in the direction of the closed ear, and you will see that any water trapped inside will suddenly pour out.

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