Home cures for halitosis in children

The bad breath that your daughter is experiencing is caused due to a condition known as halitosis. Basically bad breath especially the one that smells like rotten eggs is caused by the presence of hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan. These sulfur compounds are formed with the help of bacteria in the mouth, which breaks down the dead cells. The bacteria basically multiply and congregate on the tongue and also in areas like under the gums, in between teeth and the crevices of the tongue. Therefore when they are left undisturbed they start to multiply in large numbers and eventually cause bad breath. To remedy this all you have to do is make sure your daughter brushes her teeth and flosses regularly. There may also be a dietary cause to your daughter's bad breath as some foods and certain dairy products are though to increase the production of the above mentioned sulfur compounds.

Therefore cut down on the number of sweetened mints and chewing gums that your daughter eats and avoid letting her consume foods with excess spices and too much of onions as they have sulfur byproducts that get absorbed into the blood stream and eventually expelled by the lungs, thus leading to the 'all offensive' burp. Do not let your daughter consume a very large meal, as it is difficult to digest fast and lead to the fermentation of food in the bowel, which can also cause the production of hydrogen sulfide. Apart from these preventive measures, there are a couple of home remedies that you can try in order to get relief. Give your daughter green raw guava or take a piece of green cardamom and ask her to chew for a long period of time. Have her consume a larger amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in her diet. Avocado is also effective in treating bad breath.

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