Treatment tips for foot nerve problems

From the nerve endings in our body nerve impulses are sent out, carrying sensation information to the brain. This works the other way round too, with the brain sending information to the various body parts. Damage to the nerve endings as in neuropathy can result in some cells failing to transmit any information or transmitting only sporadically, while some may send impulses erratically. This would manifest itself in either weakened sensation in the affected area or a tingling sensation and pain. This condition is very commonly a problem for diabetic patients and generally affects the foot. The condition is called diabetic neuropathy.

According to some, reflexology can be quite effective in the treatment; however this is not something that is medically verifiable.

According to reflexology the body can be treated and healed from imbalances and diseases through the application of pressure to specific points.

Acupuncture and acupressure, are also believed to be very effective and could help tremendously to alleviate the symptoms as well as prevent and restrict further nerve damage.

Magnetic treatment has also been found to be very effective and is used by some diabetic patients. In diabetic neuropathy which generally affects the foot, the condition can be treated with magnetic shoe insoles.

answered by M W

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